Trustees & Supporters

Our Trustees

  • Nick Whiteley - Co-Chairman of the Board

    Over the last 20 years, Nick has held a variety of posts at Board Level within the software Industry focused on Workforce Management and HR. The key to his success has been understanding the differing values, cultures and objectives of each industry, whether public, including academic and healthcare, or commercial. In each sector, there is a need to engage with staff and value the key contributions they make, which is their time and their skills. For organisations and employees alike, balancing the timing of hours worked to gain maximum benefit for each party is becoming a key challenge for forward facing organisations. There is growing recognition that aligning staff times to demand is more valuable and in the same way, employees attach a greater value to certain times off duty than to others. Organisations that converge these two objectives become high performing with high staff retention.

  • Attila Kent - Co-Chairman of the Board

    Attila Kent originally trained in the field of Hotel Management and worked in the travel and hospitality industry but was drawn to the world of acting later in life where he had a 10-year career mainly in theatre with some small television and film roles. He was then drawn into the field of Market research but is currently retraining to be a counsellor. He firmly believes in what the Fiorentini Foundation is doing and it’s goals to open access to the arts to those from less privileged backgrounds.

  • Barbara Thompson

    A Learning Transformation Specialist, Barbara is a seasoned learning & performance professional with a mix of in-house and consulting experience spanning private, public and the third sector.  She was an early proponent of including user centred design and agile philosophies into her practice, whilst aligning research plans to the ultimate business goal. Barbara’s mix of creativity and analysis enables her to provide strategies and design-led tactical experiences contributing to capability development and a learning culture. Her inspiration comes from a range of unlikely sources. One of which is the world of improv which she has taken classes on to hone her spontaneity and creativity.  For her it’s the linkage between coaching, performance, data, psychology, and an individuals mindset that wraps itself around learning.

  • Zoe Sadler

    Zoe Sadler was a student at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School for 10 years before graduating with a First Class degree in English and Theatre from the University of Bristol. She was an original member of the Performance Troupe and has performed at The Hackney Empire and Broadway Theatre. She is also a trustee of the Fiorentini Foundation. Zoe has ambitions to work in theatre producing and has recently assistant directed a one-woman show for The One Festival at The Space Theatre in London.

  • Oscar Kugblenu

    Oscar has over 25 years experience in audio post production and has developed an extensive pool of contacts making him one of the most highly influential and connected individuals in his field. In 2009 Oscar ws the Business Development manager and social media manager fo rGrand Central Recording Studios. In 2016, he joined Scramble Sound, (now No8) as Business Development Manager, bringing in new clients such as BBC, Avios and Buster. In 2017 Oscar launched Racso Consultancy which specialises in business development and marketing strategies, undertakes social media management with a particular interes and focus on the creative service industries. Oscar is also now a member of Anna Fiorentini’s Stage & the City’s Acting Company.

Our Ambassadors

  • Tahj Miles

    Tahj started attending the Anna Fiorentini School when he was 7 and shortly after landed his first professional role in the West End’s Oliver!(Theatre Royal, Drury Lane). Following this he went on to perform in The Lion King(Lyceum Theatre), Matilda the Musical(Cambridge Theatre), Emil & the Detectives(National Theatre) and Bugsy Malone(Lyric, Hammersmith). Whilst a teenager Tahj then moved into TV landing roles in the hit CBBC series, Class Dismissedand spinoff series Flunked. Now as a young adult, Tahj’s acting career is going from strength to strength having landed a role in Death in Paradise and working with Oscar winning director, Steve McQueen on the 2020 film Anthology Small Axe: Mangrove.

  • Andy Lopata

    A specialist in professional relationships and networking for over 20 years, Andy Lopata was called ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ by the Financial Times and ‘a true master of networking’ by the Independent and A very experienced international speaker, Andy is the author of five books, has been quoted in a number of other business books and regularly quoted in the international press. Andy is a Fellow and a Board Member of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland (PSA) and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute as well as a Master of the Institute for Sales Management. He is also one of just 26 recipients of the PSA’s top honour, the ‘Award of Excellence’.

    “I loved acting as a youngster, even being invited to audition for the RSC when I was about 14. I lost the passion too early and wish I had continued on the path but the skills I learned over those few years at drama school have really stood me in good stead as a speaker and business owner. The confidence and presence performing arts gift to children are invaluable and it means a lot to me to support attempts to make them accessible to all”.

  • Jermain Jackman

    Jermain Jackman, now most famously known for winning The Voice UK 2014 is an Anna Fiorentini Young Ambassador and former student of the drama school. Before teaming up with Will.I.Am, Jermain was spotted by AF staff members Anna and Rhiannon at a local talent competition in Hackney. After being blown away by his voice and performance he was offered a place at the school and studied singing, acting, dance and acting for screen. Jermain performed with his fellow classmates at the Hackney Empire and again, wowed the crowds.

    As a supporter of his local community, Jermain joined the Anna Fiorentini Performance Troupe and performed at community events and for corporate companies including a performance at the Emirates Stadium.

    The Anna Fiorentini staff are all extremely proud of Jermain’s achievements and know that he will be a huge success in the music industry. Jermain continues to support the work of the drama school and Fiorentini Foundation and offers support and experience to our current students who look up to him.

Our Supporters

  • Louise Woodhead

    Louise is a C-Suite marketer with 20 years’ experience working for world-leading corporates including Goldman Sachs, EY and Freshfields. She’s also an entrepreneur, having conceived and developed two start-ups: in hospitality and fashion e-commerce. Louise is the co-founder of Tall and Well, which deliver business transformation and corporate wellness. She is also a model (winner of TopModel 2019, represented by BAME Models); a dancer and performer (specialised in jazz and cabaret); and a student actor.

  • Anastasia Petrova

    Anastasia Petrova is passionate about supporting children and making a difference in their lives through performing arts and therefore all the work that the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film school does for the local London community is so close to her heart. Working full time as a Regional Director at a Software company, Anastasia has been volunteering as a Non-Executive Director on the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School’s Board since 2014, and in June 2020 she also joined the Fiorentini Foundation team as a volunteer. When asked why she’s been so generous with her time helping the School and the Foundation, she said: “There is so much we try to do in our life to make a small change. But by doing a very small thing, one can make a huge difference. And that’s what helping Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School is all about. And I can’t wait until  we are allowed to do our Charity numbers again. It’s a life changing experience!”

  • Mary Thorne

    Mary is a former Headteacher of a primary school in London where she was Headteacher for ten years.  She now works as a Primary Adviser for the London Diocesan Board for Schools.

    Mary is passionate about the role the performing arts play in enabling all children to flourish.  During her Headship, drama, art and music were central to the school’s curriculum along with sport and having access to the great outdoors.  Mary believes that it is about exposing children during their primary years to as many experiences as possible so that they are able to make well informed decisions about their future paths.

    Mary has been an avid supporter of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School from the very beginning.

    In Mary’s own words. “The Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School not only provides an excellent platform for all to excel in the performing arts but also provides a safe space that is inclusive, open to all and values each and every member so that they can grow in confidence to be the very best that they can be.

  • Mona Rangar

    Mona, a law graduate and seasoned city recruiter, is deeply passionate about workplace inclusion and diversity initiatives, particularly those that promote social mobility and access to education.

    Whilst she was always interested in the  performing arts and encouraged to play music as a youngster- her father was determined that she become a violin virtuoso- Mona hilariously admits that she found the whole endeavour as challenging as untangling a nest of angry squirrels. In a stroke of genius, she decided to bring joy to an underprivileged student by gifting them her shiny new instrument, saving herself from the torment of future lessons. It was a win-win situation—no more screechy sounds and a grateful student with a ticket to musical stardom (or at least a few entertaining jam sessions)!

    On completion of her Masters, her desire to work with children led her on a personal quest to find a social cause focused on nurturing young minds, where she could volunteer her spare time. By chance, she was introduced to Anna, and from that moment on, she became a dedicated volunteer, fundraiser, and eventually a Director of the school.

    Volunteering at the school has provided Mona with a fantastic and unique opportunity to collaborate with immensely talented and creative children of all ages. These young individuals possess an insatiable hunger to chase their dreams in the fast-paced and competitive world of performing arts. Throughout her professional career, Mona’s involvement at the school has cultivated a strong interest in supporting and mentoring young performers, contributing significantly to her own personal and professional growth. The experience has been character-building and thoroughly enjoyable, allowing her to contribute to a valuable cause in the community while relishing in countless inspiring and fun-filled performances throughout the year.

Thanks to the following companies who have supported us:

And the Culra Charitable Trust.


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