Hackney Half Marathon

Now, more than ever we are actively looking for people to help us fundraise for our charitable arm, The Fiorentini Foundation.

We are seeking a group of runners to take part in the Hackney Half Marathon 2021 to raise funds for The Fiorentini Foundation. Hackney has a very special place in our hearts as our founder, Anna Fiorentini was born and bred in Hackney and the flagship of the school started there, too. We also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the school in 2021 making it the perfect year to take part in this challenge.

Having a half-marathon in your diary will give you the motivation you need to make running, walking or training part of your schedule. You’ll experience a plethora of health benefits, not only to your physical body, but to your mental health, too. 13.1 miles is the perfect distance to ensure you step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and reap the benefits. So, if you want to get focused on your sense of purpose, gain confidence, self-esteem and garner a sense of achievement, then join us and run the Hackney Half Marathon for the Fiorentini Foundation in 2021. If you need one more convincing factor, Anna Fiorentini has promised she’ll cook a bolognaise at the end for those that complete the run!

The Hackney Half Marathon in 2021 is set to take place on Sunday 16th May.

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