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21st Anniversary Charity Raffle Winners Announced!

Anna Fiorentini 22 May 2022

The Anna Fiorentini Performing Arts School is celebrating its 21st Anniversary this year. As part of our celebrations, we hosted a charity raffle. So...


Lip Sync Heroes take to the Stage as their Favourite Icons for Charity

Anna Fiorentini 23 Mar 2022

Students of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School took to the stage and performed in the 21st Anniversary Showcase at the Hackney Empire....


BACK TO SCHOOL: Five Ways to Beat First Day Nerves

Anna Fiorentini 30 Dec 2021

Feeling nervous about the first day back to school is only natural – for both children and parents/carers. But it is important that parents...


Stage & the City’s Charity Showcase 2021: The Show Must Go On!

Anna Fiorentini 7 Dec 2021

Last weekend, Stage & the City celebrated its 6th Anniversary with a spectacular Charity Showcase. After being postponed due to the pandemic, Stage &...


Fiorentini Fundraisers Cross the Finish Line!

Anna Fiorentini 1 Oct 2021

The Anna Fiorentini Performing Arts School celebrated its 20th Anniversary by taking part in the Hackney Half  on Sunday 26th September and raising money...


Five Reasons to Fundraise

Anna Fiorentini 14 Jul 2021

Fundraising is essential to many charities and businesses. Without the help of regular donations, they wouldn’t be able to function and continue their good...


Five Ways a Young Performer’s Agent Furthers Your Child’s Future

Anna Fiorentini 29 Mar 2021

Here at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School we have many areas to our business – each as important as another. Firstly, we...


Top Five Tools You Learn from Being in a show

Anna Fiorentini 16 Mar 2021

As a child, did you ever dream of concluding a show to a sold-out audience, blinded by the lights, deafened by rapturous applause? But...


How Theatre can Help Children Process Emotions & Build Connections with their Peers

Anna Fiorentini 15 Mar 2021

Has the pandemic affected our children’s ability to socialise sufficiently?   If your child trains in performing arts, they don’t need to become a...


BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER LOCKDOWN: Five Ways to Beat First Day Nerves

Anna Fiorentini 2 Mar 2021

Parents and children alike have dreamt of it and it’s finally here – the day schools reopen. We’ve all been through a riptide and...


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