We believe in children

The Fiorentini Foundation is the charitable arm of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. The charity was founded in 2011 with the sole intention of enabling less fortunate children to access the world of the performing arts. We work extensively with underprivileged children and those with long term health issues.

Life for the less fortunate is not an easy journey. There are children in our city hungry. Some are scared to walk home. For others, home is not a sanctuary and some have no home at all. When your future is bleak, it’s easy to stray from the path. If only there was something we could do to light the way…

“It is extremely rewarding and satisfying when we see how our hard work and money raised gives young people the opportunity to access The Arts and develop their talent.“

Our mission is to break down the barrier of privilege and bring the arts to anyone with a creative flair regardless of background, race, creed or colour. We believe in the power of change. Studies have proved time and time again that the power of the arts has life-changing properties. We believe that encouraging less fortunate children to take an interest in a seemingly inaccessible pursuit can help them develop important life skills.

We believe in making a difference

Our programmes are designed to help the participants develop the following skills:

  • A sense of discipline
  • Improved confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Deeper empathy
  • Heightened communication skills
  • The power to overcome anxiety
  • To help them discover new opportunities and keep on the right track
  • To enable them to reach their true potential
  • To ward them from the influences of gangs and peer pressure
  • To help them stay fit and healthy through physical exercise
  • To provide a non-judgemental environment
  • To encourage them to break down cultural divides and make new friends
  • To help improve their general mental health

We believe in action

At the Fiorentini Foundation, we understand the profound importance of making a difference early in life and to this end, our extensive programmes reach out to the most vulnerable children in the city.

We believe in the future

Part of the work we do is assisting passionate and talented children in furthering their careers.  Thanks to our knowledge of the industry we are well placed to nurture young talent. We can provide bursaries and advice, plus access to grants scholarships and other programmes designed to help the less fortunate.

We believe in honesty & transparency

The Fiorentini Foundation is a true charity and our administrators and volunteers all give their time for free. This means that every penny donated or raised goes exclusively to help those in need. We spend nothing on admin or running costs.

We believe in our programmes

Part of the work we do benefits from our affiliation with the school. Thanks to this association, we have access to many prestigious venues and opportunities that are often available only to children of privilege.

This reputation allows us to open these often-hallowed doors to the less fortunate. This means that regardless of financial background our participants can perform at illustrious venues like the Hackney Empire, Shaw Theatre and Greenwich Theatre. There is nothing more empowering than taking to the stage in such a prestigious hall.

We believe in everyone

Many of our beneficiaries suffer from disabilities or come from chaotic homes.  Our weekly activities allow them some much-needed release, respite and escape. Our programmes provide a haven for children whose lives are too often in turmoil. According to government statistics, 40% of all children over the last 12 months suffered some form of bullying. That figure is likely to be higher for more vulnerable children.

We believe in hope

Part of the work we do enables us to help children with chronic, severe and even terminal health conditions. We aim to encourage anyone who has a passion for the arts and it is our intention to brighten the lives of everyone we reach, no matter how fleeting the spark.

We believe in our work

Our work is important to us, but we believe it is also important to the greater community. We know that by providing this gateway to another world, we can improve the lives of everyone involved. We’ll always encourage the passionate to follow their dreams and we’ll always nurture talent where we find it. It is our belief that our programmes directly tackle the scourge of youth violence by empowering the children most at risk and we believe that by believing in them we can help them believe in themselves…

We believe in you… please believe in us…

Over the last few years, a lottery grant has enabled us to take the Fiorentini Foundation into inner-city schools and run anti-bullying workshops. The impact of this has proven extraordinary.

As an organisation, we consider ourselves somewhat thrifty with any donations that we are fortunate enough to receive or grants that we secure, but with more money, we can achieve much more.

Please support the work we do by sharing our message and, if you have the means, by donating to our coffers. Remember, we waste nothing, every single donation we receive will make a tangible difference to the life of someone in need.

Thank you for believing.

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