Playtest the Party Card Game Sussed

The party card game business Sussed has chosen the Fiorentini Foundation as their Charity of the Year alongside Age UK Herts. They have a potential £5000 to donate to us but we need your help to get it…

They’re looking for groups to help them shape their new products by playtesting the card game for an hour. After several, difficult months of the pandemic, this is a great, fun way to improve your own mental and social well-being, alongside supporting that of your friends, family or colleagues.

For every volunteer that plays, the Fiorentini Foundation will get £10. We are urgently looking for volunteers to help round up a group of 4-6 players to participate in the playtesting over online video call on Zoom for 1 hour. The playtest would be scheduled around you and your group’s availability: it can be on a day and time of your choice.

This is a fantastic opportunity to share with your friends, family, colleagues and employees. It’s a new and engaging way to improve social wellbeing after an often isolating year of working in a pandemic and a great chance to catch up with friends and employees whilst having fun.

It’s a win-win situation as not only will you be supporting a charity and helping a family-run business, you’ll be getting a free team-building exercise.

So if you think you would be potentially able to donate an hour of your time to have fun, learn about each other and support the Fiorentini Foundation, we want to hear from you. Contact us by clicking the button below and letting us know on the contact form that you want to playtest Sussed…

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Not interested in participating in playtesting Sussed but would like to support us in another way? We have lots of different ways to get involved, please click here to find out more.

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