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Drama School Workshops

Bring Your Curriculum to Life

The Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School offers a range of inspirational workshops to help schools support and enhance their curriculum and spark creativity in their young students.

We believe that the performing arts can assist and encourage traditional learning by creating a safe, supportive environment in which to explore topics in a creative form.

Our workshops are designed to create an inclusive, friendly and fun atmosphere which will bring even the quietest student out of their shell and proud of their achievements and learning.

Themes we can cover include but are not exclusive to:


Courses available include but are not exclusive to:

  • Week-long courses
  • Day-long workshops
  • Once a week for 6 – 10 weeks

Prices are negotiable and dependant on the type of relationship secured with the Fiorentini School.

Bursaries for our part-time branches may also be available for those schools we form partnerships with.

We have deliberately kept away from set packages as we would rather personalise workshops that really meet your needs.

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss the above, whether face-to-face, or over the phone please e-mail hello@afperformingarts.com or phone 020 7682 1403.

Performance Troupe

The Anna Fiorentini Performance Troupe is made up of our students that want that extra little push each week and the opportunity to perform at a range of community events and spread joy through performance. This Troupe is the face of the school and its charitable arm the Fiorentini Foundation.

Our Performance Troupe performs in local hospitals, care homes and homes for the elderly as well as a variety of community and corporate events.

To date, the Performance Troupe has performed at the Museum of Docklands, St. Joseph’s Hospice, (Hackney), Homerton University Hospital. City & Islington business Awards, RBS, St. Mary’s Hospitals, KPMG, Canary Wharf Festival, The Hospital Club, Islington giving alongside Help the Aged and The Emirates stadium.

If you would like to hire our performance troupe to bring a sparkle of joy to your event, community or anywhere else, please email: rhiannon@afperformingarts.com

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