Intro from the Principal

Hello everybody and welcome to the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School.

I was born & bred in Hackney, and I saw first-hand the lack of local, affordable, accessible and high-quality performing arts classes within my community as I grew up. I had a vision for creating a school which was an all-access-pass to the performing arts. I wanted this to be inclusive and offer support to families who needed it the most without compromising our high standards and professionalism. From our humble beginnings with only 70 students, we now have classes in various locations throughout London, with over 400 students, and we have opened Fiorentini Weenies classes for 4-6-year olds. In 2011 the Fiorentini Foundation charity was set up to provide a fundraising entity to help children needing support to participate in performing arts education.

There is no doubt that the performing arts industry is not only highly competitive, it is elitist, and I had a strong desire to bridge that gap and open doors for children that may otherwise be overlooked. I strongly believe in the power of performing to engage children’s creativity and enhance their belief in the power of their own voice. My team and I have carefully refined the curriculum over twenty years to ensure every child gains invaluable, life-long skills that will stand them in excellent stead for their futures.

I am proud of every single one of our students, past and present and the reputation we have built. We encourage each child to garner their independence through performing arts and I delight in seeing how far the training we have provided them has taken them. My vision to create inclusive training that supports families has been realised and I excitedly look to the future and to welcoming your child to accompany them on their journey to being the best they can be, harnessing the power of performing arts.

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