We are committed to providing high-quality, independent part-time training for children led by industry professionals. Due to the Covid19 outbreak we have worked with specialists and advisers to ensure we are rigorously following safety guidelines.

We have put in place measures across all branches to safeguard and protect our students and staff to make sure we are fully Covid-19 secure. The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance to us.

These measures include:

  • Limited class sizes. Classes are now strictly limited to 15 per class which means there is ample space to keep to the 2m rule at all times.
  • Mandatory Staff Training. All staff have undertaken Covid-19 safeguarding and risk assessments.
  • A Covid-19 Safety Advisor. We are working directly with an a Covid-19 Safety Advisor to advise us in the ever-changing situation to give us professional guidance.
  • No-contact Drama. All staff have reworked their lesson plans to ensure there is no contact and students can work with 2m spacing and in their bubbles.
  • Staggered Entrances and Exits. Students enter and leave the schools at staggered times, guaranteeing there are no groups of students from other bubbles and a 2m social distance can be maintained.
  • National Lottery Grant. We were delighted to receive the Social Enterprise Support Fund from the National Lottery which allowed us to fund all our Covid-safety measures including sanitising equipment, safety officers, social distance tape etc.
  • Student Bubbles. Students are now only working within their bubbles and are closely monitored by staff to make sure social distancing is being adhered to between bubbles.
  • Separate Lunch Rooms. Previously, students were allowed to mingle over lunchtimes between age groups and classes to share work and socialise. Due to our safety regulations, students now remain in separate classrooms for their lunchtimes to maintain bubbles and social distancing.
  • Sanitisers and Antiseptic Wipes. These are all readily available and students are sanitising their hands on entering and exiting the spaces. All chairs and furniture are cleaned down with approved antiseptic wipes between classes.
  • Track and Trace. Track and Trace is fully operational across all branches. If a child tests positive to Covid-19, we will immediately notify everyone within that bubble and applicable staff will be asked to isolate.
  • Face Coverings. We ask that face coverings are worn by all children and adults over 12 when moving around our branches. Students and staff may continue to wear their face covering in studios if they wish.
  • One-way Systems. Many of our branches will have specific measures in place, for example a one-way system.

As you can see, we are ardent about going above and beyond to protect our students and staff in the Covid-19 climate. We are readily adjusting our safeguarding practises to keep in-line with Government Guidelines; at present we are following Tier-2 guidelines.

If you wish to see our Covid19 risk assessments or require more information, please email: 

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