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Learn to sing at one of London’s top singing schools. Regarded as one of the best places to get singing lessons in London by our students, this class is open to both men and women over 18.

Our singing classes are fun and welcoming, and they will also take you out of your comfort zone. This is an ideal environment for all of our students to grow and flourish. This is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people through our group lessons. When it comes to bettering your vocal technique, singing lessons are the best way to get the skills you need to enter the musical theatre industry in a way that gives you value for your money.

The only requirement is that you can sing in tune!

Join Our City Singers

This choir-focused course will take place over 10 weeks. Each week, you will learn new skills and new vocal exercises during your singing lessons! These 10 weeks will organically incorporate various singing lessons to better your understanding and control of your vocal cords, as well as the different musical styles in the industry.

Through our structured singing lessons, you will learn vocal tilts and techniques to reduce strain while singing. Gain confidence in your singing skills in our singing lessons to sing higher notes and sing both solo and in harmony with small groups.

4 Key Skills You Will Learn In Our Singing Lessons

  • Fine Tune Your Vocal Cords In Our Singing Lessons
  • Enhancing Your Vocal Technique With Our Vocal Coaches
  • Improving Your Vocal Tone For Different Musical Styles
  • Widening Your Vocal Range To Better Perform Your Favourite Songs

Singing Lessons Taught by Industry Professionals

Our professional singing teacher and vocal coach, Jack Holliday, who has performed professionally for several years, leads these singing lessons. Jack started his career performing in Pantomimes after graduating from one of the top teaching universities in the country. Having our students taught by experienced industry professionals is vital for us, as we want to give our students the best experience they can get. This ensures that you are taught by a singing teacher who enables you to fine-tune your vocal technique.

Fine Tune Your Vocal Technique

At Stage and the City, we make sure we support all of our students in getting the most out of their singing teacher, as these are in-person lessons. This is an environment where you can ask questions and get personal coaching. To fine-tune your musical ear, learn to read sheet music, and learn more vocal techniques, we give you singing exercises to challenge and grow your singing technique.

Invest In Private Singing Lessons

Private lessons and singing courses give you the option to experience one-on-one lessons and vocal coaching. These personalised singing exercises allow you to reach new levels of control and get the most out of your singing technique. In your singing lessons, your vocal coach will teach you how to maintain good vocal health and understand music theory.

Musical Theatre Singing Lessons in Central London

Have the opportunity to learn at our Academy Mews Studios, located near Camden. Easily accessible via public transport.

Perform at Stage and the City’s Showcase

Upon completing the course, our students will have mastered advanced vocal techniques and have the chance to perform at all of Stage & the City’s showcases (including the Stage & the City Showcase this December), fundraisers, take part in flash mobs, and also private events.


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