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Team building days can be a lot of fun, but there are serious business benefits behind them. Corporate team-building activities are great for team bonding and will also give your team members a chance to work on their problem-solving skills.

When they’re doing fun team-building activities, the entire team will be more relaxed about trying out new things than they normally are in the workplace. Sometimes a team member can surprise you by showing hitherto unseen leadership skills. That’s why team-building events can be a fantastic way of spotting future superstars.

Corporate Events London

If you’re looking for ideas for team events in London to help with team building and encourage team bonding, that are fun and all for a good cause, Stage & the City can provide a rich, productive and deeply satisfying experience, whether you opt for singing, dancing, theatre…or all three. Perfect for adults who want a fun way to improve confidence, well-being and motivation.

Examples of the Performing Arts-based bespoke team events we can run for you are:

  • Make a Music Video in a Day
  • Lip Sync Musicals
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Unlocking Confidence
  • Play in a Day
  • Your Company’s Choir

Stage & the City is a social enterprise. All profits are used to fund the Fiorentini Foundation. The sole intention of the Foundation is to enable disadvantaged children and those with long-term health issues access to the world of Performing Arts.

Stage & the City’s approach to corporate team building

At Stage & the City, our approach is to tailor-make your team-building activities to fit around your objectives and the needs of your business and your team. After discussing what you want to get out of your team building day, we will design the exercises and activities to enable everyone taking part to learn new skills, develop trust and communication, and boost their confidence.

Supporting a Local Charity

By participating in one of Stage & the City’s team building events, you will be supporting the Fiorentini Foundation, helping disadvantaged children access performing arts. Upon completion of your chosen event, all participants will receive a personalised certificate indicating exactly how many children your organisation has helped by taking part.



The benefits of team building for your business

Granted, team building is a fun day out of the workplace, but corporate team-building exercises will also boost employee engagement which will have a hugely positive impact on your workforce. Our Performing Arts activities can help in several ways:

Bonding – Putting on a performance is a great way to strengthen team bonds and encourage colleagues to work better together in the future. Performance is all about teamwork – when all team members pull together you can produce something very special, but to give the wow factor to the stage performance you put on at the end of the day, everyone has to fully understand that they are an integral part of the team and, as a result, work towards the success of the production.

Communication skills – There are a great many elements involved in staging a performance, so everyone involved needs to learn how to communicate effectively to get it right.

Trust – Trust is a key quality when it comes to creating a good team spirit. When staging a performance, you have to learn to trust that everyone will be there for you in the same way that you must be trusted to be there for everyone else.

Leadership – When all team members begin the day as equals without the normal work hierarchy, future leaders will begin to emerge, and may even take centre stage!

Hidden talent – When it comes to putting on a stage production, you’re bound to discover people’s hidden talents. We often find that people surprise themselves, which is great because it gives them such a big confidence boost.

Confidence and self-esteem – Acting, singing and/or dancing have a positive effect on people’s confidence, self-esteem and personal growth. After a fun day with us, you’ll notice a difference in the office when it comes to motivation and team morale.

Boosts morale – Organising a team building day shows your team members that you’re on their side. They’ll see you doing what you can to help them improve themselves at the same time as allowing them to do fun activities during office hours!

Indoor team-building activities

Most people think that corporate team-building events are going to involve travelling deep into the countryside to take part in outdoor events where it’s inevitable that everyone will get wet and cold… but that’s not always the case. Team building activities can take place indoors too. If you know your team will hate doing outdoor team-building activities, keep them warm and dry with our indoor team-building instead.

Our Performing Arts-based charity team-building activities are fun and because they take part indoors where it’s warm and dry, they can take place at any time of the year, and anywhere where there’s a suitable venue – great if you’re based in London or another city.

Why book a Stage & the City team-building event?

We are an award winning organisation so you’re in safe hands! Our Performing Arts activities are suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. They’re designed to appeal as much to beginners as they are to people who’ve dabbled in performance already – in other words, they’re perfect for anyone and everyone!

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The best team building event that we have ever done! Each team member was engaged from the very beginning! The dance teacher was excellent and made even the most timid or sceptical people feel comfortable and the performance itself was so much fun! Our team came away more connected, energized and really happy with the event! We also really loved the fact that the profits would be going to Anna’s Fiorentini Foundation! Thank you Anna.

Sarah Eustace – Executive Assistant, Expedia Group UK, February 2024 in relation to a Grease Musical Workshop

Stage and City truly stand out from the usual Team Bonding event companies. They deeply care about meeting specific needs and objectives and they offer a fun-packed, energetic and engaging event with passion and professionalism, ensuring everyone gets the most of out it. Team building workshops can be a lot of fun and be equally impactful and a great learning experience, all you need is Stage and City.

Lila Warren – Learning and Development Manager, Pret A Manger, January 2023 in relation to a Confidence Building Improvisation Workshop

As well as raising over £3000 for charity, my team and I had a fantastic day. It really brought the team together and was a huge amount of fun.

Alan Engledow – Natwest Bank Manager

Case study

One of our team building events that everyone taking part in got a huge amount out of was ‘Thriller in a Day’ which we ran for a client’s management team. We spent the day teaching the managers the dance routine to Thriller, and in the evening they performed it on a stage that we’d turned into a graveyard. We hired professional make-up artists to do stage makeup so everyone looked amazing. We also filmed the performance so everyone involved could see how brilliant they all were, and what a great team effort it had been!

We even got the managers to raise sponsorship which resulted in extra funds for the Fiorentini Foundation. This not only supported their team-building efforts but also the client’s Corporate Responsibility ethos.

Watch what they got up to here:

At Stage & the City, our approach is to tailor-make your team-building activities to fit around your objectives and the needs of your business and your team. After discussing what you want to get out of your team building day, we will design the exercises and activities to enable everyone taking part to learn new skills, develop trust and communication, and boost their confidence.

Stage & the City’s approach to corporate team building

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