For most courses absolutely not. Stage & the City was set up to cater for adults that have never performed before or maybe did it when they were younger. Of course now that we have been going for a couple of years there are some courses that have developed for those with a little more experience. These include Acting for Intermediates and Musical Theatre Level 2. But unless this is specified in the course description, people of all levels will be welcome.

Most courses are on-going and are designed so that current students and new students can sign up at the start of each term, (normally September, January and April). When a course gets to the stage that current students would be held back by complete beginners we start separate courses; again using the example of Acting for Intermediates and Musical Theatre Level 2. All of our teachers are approachable and so you can get some honest feedback as to whether you should be moving up or enjoying where you are.

We understand that adults have hectic work lives and emergencies will come up. We ask that you endeavour to make as many of the weeks as possible so that you get the most out of the course but it is absolutely fine if this is not possible. If you are working on specific projects or shows we ask that you inform the teacher and fellow students of your absence with as much notice as possible so that things can be worked around and not be too disrupted.

We cannot take money off fees for missed weeks. We have deliberately kept fees as low as possible so that any missed weeks won’t have too much of an impact. All venues, teachers and running costs still have to be paid regardless of absences. And of course we still need to support the charity that Stage & the City was set up to support.

Hopefully you will love our courses but of course everybody is different. On most of our courses if you come along on the first day and don’t enjoy it, as long as you let us know by the very next day you will get a  refund minus the cost of the class you attended. Details about possible refunds will be on each course page if applicable.

We have kept the fees as low as possible in the hope that most people will pay upfront. However, in certain circumstances we can arrange for an instalment policy and if this is deciding factor as to whether you join us or not then of course please do get in touch. Please e-mail hello@stageandthecity.com and request information about our instalment policy. Of course if an instalment policy is agreed all fees for the term will need to be paid regardless of absences or a decision to leave.

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