Children and young people under the age of seventeen typically need to be accompanied by a licensed chaperone while they are working, unless one of their parents or legal guardians is with them. The chaperone’s duty is to make sure the young performer is well-looked after, for example by ensuring they don’t work too long or too late, and by keeping an eye on their general safety and wellbeing. They may also accompany the young performer travelling to work if needed. Chaperones are trained professionals, who have to be DBS checked and licensed by their Local Education Authority. Chaperones are often provided by the production or theatre company the client is working for, but the Fiorentini Mosson Agency also has a database of chaperones we’ve known and worked with for many years, who can accompany our clients when needed. Parents and legal guardians may sometimes also be asked to chaperone.

Should you wish to apply to join our database of chaperones please send a CV, copy of your chaperone licence and a covering letter to

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