The Fiorentini Mosson Agency (formally the Anna Fiorentini Agency) works exclusively with clients who are current students or alumni of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. This way we really get to know our clients and their families, which means we are able to offer a highly personalised service. We are proud to represent a diverse group of young people, and to help them make the most of the opportunities this exciting industry can offer. We make sure our clients (and their families!) can feel confident and comfortable in their work, whether they’re four or twenty-four, going on their very first job or the tenth, whether they’re doing Shakespeare on stage or filming a commercial.

Since 2008, the Fiorentini Mosson Agency has been managed by Rhiannon Mosson, who has extensive experience working with young performers. In her many years in the industry, Rhiannon has supported hundreds of young people and helped them find the right opportunities for their talents. In 2020 Anna Fiorentini and Rhiannon worked together to form the Fiorentini Mosson Agency; passionate about nurturing talent and providing opportunities for all within the industry.

Through the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School our clients have received a training in performance and what is expected of them as a professional performer. This grounding in the young performers leads to fantastic feedback from industry professionals across the board and allows the performers the freedom to feel confident within the working environment.

“The lovely young clients at Fiorentini Mosson agency are always professional, but with a sense of being very truthful and real, which makes them stand out from other other agencies associated with performance schools. Also, head agent Rhiannon is always very honest about her clients availability or licencing, therefore it saves a lot of time and energy in the long run.” – Scott Casting

“Rhiannon is a very enthusiastic, skilled and determined agent. I trusted her with my sons’ career for a decade and she always delivered. above and beyond our expectations. We were both new to the industry and I appreciated the way she took the time to teach us while she worked.” – Marianne, mother of client

“Working with the Fiorentini Mosson Agency is always professional and always a pleasure. We make a lot of ads for the youth marketing sphere and have worked with the Agency dozens of times to create cute and engaging content. The children themselves are always full of energy and enjoy putting there training at the school into practice when we film.” – Max Newton, Producer at Rocket

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