Please, No more Zooms

Anna Fiorentini 23 Feb 2021

Please, No more Zooms

We all have a serious case of Zoom Fatigue. The words ‘breakout room’ bring a shudder to our spines. But what if I told you there is one perfect use for Zoom? I’m certainly not talking Zoom quizzes, oh no, this is something that would not only boost your confidence but have you learning a set of skills that could very well propel your career in a new direction!

Radio! Sitting on your sofa, for only 4 weeks you can learn the tools and techniques that Radio 4 actors spent years practising!

There really couldn’t be a more perfect use for Zoom, you have your own in-built microphone, so no additional equipment is required. Working with industry elite, Claire Amias who has expert knowledge in the field of radio you’ll utilise techniques to improve accents and find expression in your voice, understand how to create an entire world using only the power of speech! The knowledge you’ll be imparted with on this course can be carried through all areas of your life.

Communication is key and what better way to learn it! Whether you work in business, education, or another sector, learning not only how to use your voice but how to articulate, intonate and vocalise feelings will push you further than you’d ever imagined!

Finally, a Zoom we can all get on board with! If you’d like book onto this course and take part in acting classes for adults at this remote London drama school, then get moving as places are extremely limited. Click here to reserve your place and get ready to be vocal!

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