New Year, New You, New Hobby?

Anna Fiorentini 23 Dec 2021

New Year, New You, New Hobby?

It’s that time of year again – that time when we’re all obsessed with setting goals for the new year and promising ourselves that this year will be the year we stick to them.

But by mid-January many of us will have already ditched the resolutions due to lack of interest and motivation, despite our good intentions. So why not start the year 2022 off right with a regular, fun and manageable change to your lifestyle? Picking up an interesting new hobby doesn’t have to be drastic! Stage & the City’s engaging courses run weekly and are a fun and easy way to add a change to your lifestyle.

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Here are some reasons why you should take up a new course in the new year:

A chance to have fun

Maybe you took dance or drama as a child and want to rekindle that passion or perhaps you’re just looking for an engaging way to spend an evening after work. A lot of the daily stresses in our adult lives can be overwhelming and having a weekly class to forget about those stresses and focus on performing can be very rewarding. There is a good balance in our classes at Stage & the City: we take our students’ development seriously but our teachers make sure classes and activities are fun and engaging. The classes are also a brilliant way to express yourself creatively!

A chance to make new friendship groups

It can be difficult at any age to meet new people and build new friendships. But a great way to meet new friends is to join a performing arts school for adults. If you’re looking to boost your social life after an isolating few years of the pandemic, joining a Stage & the City course is a great way to help accomplish this goal. You’ll be participating in a course with a bunch of like-minded people who share your interests! Our students come from all walks of life from doctors to office workers to those who have retired. No matter your age or background, our teachers and classes are welcoming and supportive to all who want to join. In this inclusive environment, it’ll be easy to make new friends.

A chance to get fit

Our dance classes are a great way to exercise the whole body and improve your overall health. Dancing is proven to help improve stamina, muscular strength, heart health and reduce pain and stiffness. Alongside this, it can improve flexibility, agility and helps overall functional movement. Our acting and singing classes are also beneficial for your mental health and memory. By learning new skills, routines, and lines, you challenge your brain to be flexible and remember new things!

A chance to challenge yourself

Don’t let fear get in the way of the opportunity to engage with your passion. Stage & the City’s courses are the perfect remedy for those who want to try something new. You’ll be surprised by how many of our students are there for the same reasons you are! When you achieve something you never thought you could, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Plus, many of the Stage & the City courses offer regular performance opportunities where students are encouraged to perform songs, dance routines, acting pieces and comedy sketches, and what they have been learning during their classes. Although the idea of performing in front of an audience might be daunting, it is a challenge that is hugely rewarding! The rush of excitement you’ll feel knowing your family and friends can see your new skills, confidence and development as performers is a thrilling experience.

A chance to support a local charity

If you join a Stage & the City course, not only will you be getting all the aforementioned benefits, you’ll be supporting a great cause too! All profits from Stage & the City go to the Fiorentini Foundation, the charitable arm of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School for 4 – 18 year olds. Your course fees and any performances you do will contribute to providing bursaries and scholarships for less privileged children that wish to attend the school and increase in confidence and self-esteem via the performing arts. So you can feel real smug about your new hobby!


So there you have it, taking a performing arts class for adults is a beneficial, fun and regular way to better yourself in the new year!


We have a range of courses for you to join and take part in. Click here to find out more. And why not take advantage of our Experience Days running throughout January? This is a great way to try our courses and experience for yourself whether a class is for you before joining. It only costs £10 which will be taken off your fees should you decide to sign up. Find out more here.
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