How to Deal with Audition Rejection

Anna Fiorentini 12 Jul 2018

How to Deal with Audition Rejection

Being a young actor can have many challenges. Sometimes rehearsals can be physically draining and learning new scripts and choreographies can be time-consuming. But in my opinion, one of the most challenging aspects of being a performer is dealing with rejection.

Young people tend to be more sensitive than adults, and they can often take rejection personally. As you grow older, it’s important that you learn how to deal with audition rejection in a mature manner. After all, dealing with disappointment is a required skill if you want to pursue a career in acting.

1) Remember that rejection is normal

As much as it hurts, being rejected is perfectly normal. When trying to secure an acting role, you’ll always face competition, regardless of how talented you are. Always try to look on the bright side. Be thankful that you’ve had the opportunity to audition! Sometimes even if you didn’t get booked, the casting directors may still keep you in mind for future projects.

2) Understand that most rejections aren’t personal

There are many reasons why casting agents might not call you back. Just remember that it’s never personal. Maybe you looked too young, maybe your accent wasn’t quite what they were looking for, the list of reasons are endless. The casting director is just making a choice. Next time, it could be you!

3) Turn rejection into motivation

The next time that you’re disappointed because you don’t get an acting job, turn the negativity into motivation. If you think that you made a mistake that may have blown your chance, think about what you can do to improve and be even better next time. Set yourself some goals!

4) Keep going

Most importantly, keep going! Remind yourself that acting is what you love doing, and keep trying your best. The best way to stay motivated is to focus on your career and not let past rejection hold you back.

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