From suits to stars: Featuring Andrea Bizzotto (playing Evan and Waiter)

Anna Fiorentini 21 Nov 2019

From suits to stars: Featuring Andrea Bizzotto (playing Evan and Waiter)

Andrea Bizzotto will be starring in the upcoming Musical Theatre Company show “Mad, Crazy, Love” this weekend at the Tower Theatre.

From Suits to Stars is a blog segment featuring students at Stage & the City, and pulls back the curtain on their lives and experiences as adults participating in our courses. This feature aims to remove the common misconceptions about performing arts classes as only being for professional actors or dancers, but instead that most of our students are from all walks of life. As our slogan says, classes for adults who just want to have fun!

Please tell us a little bit about your background and what you do for a living 

Hi, my name is Andrea Bizzotto, and I am an Italian boy who moved to London in Jan 2014. Since I moved here I have been working as waiter in different restaurant. For the last 3.5 years in a company called Le Pain Quotidien. I have been dancing from the age of 5, so music has always been with me since I was a kid. I discovered theatre only 4 years ago, when I watched my first musical Billy Elliot.

Watching live performances has changed my life. Since then I watched over 400 musical all over the world. I have watched musical in NY (been there 3 times and planning on the 4th visit), Germany, Italy, Ireland, Washington DC. Planning to go to Prague to see some shows there.

As my friends love to say, I live in the theatre.

What inspired you to join our Musical Theatre Company? 

As you might have understand from my answer above, I love music, and I love musical. I wanted to give it a try and I discovered the SATC musical theatre course for beginners. I needed to get over my phobia regarding standing in front of people to sing…

A friend of mine joined the musical theatre company at the same time with the musical theatre course for beginners, he has studied Musical Theatre in an academy in Italy, and he is now in Punta Cana (Domenican Republic) being a performer.

I wanted to join the musical theatre company to give myself an extra push and see how far I could go with my voice and see if I could overcome my fear of performing in public.

What do you love the most about performing arts? 

The fact that the whole performance is live, and the actors/actresses needs to fast react in case something goes wrong, without letting the audience understand that something has gone wrong is amazing.

Fast response and fast thinking is amazing, and everything is live under your eye…it is better than a movie!

What do you enjoy most about being a member of our Musical Theatre Company?  

The friendship I created are amazing. I love the fact that, even tho we all have different background, we all like singing and acting and we are doing it together. Getting to know each other and getting to understand what and how to improve regarding your physical (vocal) ability, is amazing. The teacher helps you understanding the song and act through it, not to consider all the technical singing advice given.

Soon you will be performing in our musical production at the Tower Theatre, is this going to be the first time you’ve performed in front of an audience?

Yes, it is actually going to be the first time I perform (sing and act) in front of an audience.

I had dance competition before, and danced in front of an audience, I am not scared of it, but the idea of going in front of people to sing and act is nerve-wracking. I am overcoming my fear with time and confidence gained with the rehearsal and the advice given throughout the course.

Andrea Bizzotto will be performing in the Musical Theatre Company show, “Mad, Crazy, Love” which debuts this Friday the 22nd of November at the Tower Theatre.

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