Five Ways a Young Performer’s Agent Furthers Your Child’s Future

Anna Fiorentini 29 Mar 2021

Five Ways a Young Performer’s Agent Furthers Your Child’s Future

Here at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, we have many areas for our business, each as important as another. Firstly, we have branches of our award-winning, part-time performing arts schools all over London for children; next is Stage & the City, an after-work performing arts course for adults. Then there’s the Fiorentini Foundation, our charitable arm that offers scholarships to disadvantaged children to gain inspiration in the arts. Finally, the Fiorentini Mosson Agency, which is a select and diverse cohort of students and alumni who have trained with us and are seeking professional work in the arts, has taken lead roles in West End theatre, feature films, television, and much more.

A young performer’s agent may be something you haven’t thought about for your child, but there are some fantastic reasons why working with the right agent for young people could affect not only their career but their confidence and future too.

1. Source legitimate paid work

At the Fiorentini Mosson Agency, we work exclusively with clients who are students or alumni of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. Because of this, we really know everyone who is in our books. We may have worked with them and their families for many years and know exactly what their casting is. We will source exactly the right roles for them and be working with top casting directors in the industry. We have quite a name for ourselves, and it’s not unusual for our phone to be ringing off the hook with opportunities for our clients from the BBC, Netflix, West End stage, and more!

2. Helps with creative direction

This industry can be a minefield, and it’s very easy to feel confused and lost. Because of this, it’s important that we really listen to what kind of work our clients want to do and help them on their journey. As much as we need our clients to be ready to tape or audition, we also know that we work for them. This means we are ready to engage and hear what work they want to do more and less of, and you’ll always have someone to talk to—us!

3. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Since 2008, the Fiorentini Mosson Agency has been managed by Rhiannon Mosson, who has extensive experience working with young performers. In her many years in the industry, Rhiannon has supported hundreds of young people and helped them find the right opportunities for their talents. We are friendly with many ‘”gatekeepers’ in the industry, and our clients are supported every step of the way. We truly believe that happy clients are those who work the most, so our door is open, and we’re often in touch with clients and family about career direction and guidance. 

4. All the boring stuff

I’m afraid the performing world isn’t all lights and sparkle; most of the time, there are forms to fill in, chaperones to source, and contracts to read through. We have many years in the business and are fully au fait with taking care of the boring stuff for our clients! We negotiate fees for jobs and always keep our clients’s best interests at heart. So hopefully our clients can spend more time doing fun stuff! 

5. Life Lessons

Being a performer is a lot more than just waiting for your next role. Success means understanding that you are a creative agency, which means you are in charge of cultivating yourself as a brand and building self-esteem for auditions. Clients learn a host of transferable life skills, and we are often putting on Q&A’s, sending details of performing competitions, and setting up meetings to engage our clients on every level.

I hope you can see that a young performer’s agent is more than someone who sources work. We really are like a big family here and we hope to welcome your child to our agency in the near future.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Fiorentini Mosson Agency and all the exciting work our clients are up to, click here.

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