Five Top Tips on How to Prepare for your First Performing Arts Class

Anna Fiorentini 27 Jul 2021

Five Top Tips on How to Prepare for your First Performing Arts Class

Joining a performing arts class can be a fulfilling and exciting experience and you may be keen to attend your first session. On the other hand, you may feel a little overwhelmed and not know what to expect from your first class. But this isn’t something you should worry about, as many students will be in the same position as you. That’s why we’ve put together some advice and tips on how to make sure you are fully prepared for your very first class!

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Don’t overthink it

It can be easy to start imagining the worst-case scenario when you try something new. But you shouldn’t let fear overwhelm you. Stay positive and think positive! Tell yourself that this is a great achievement and experience. You’re learning new skills, trying new things and gaining more confidence. But above all, you should be having fun! Prepare yourself mentally to try to overcome the doubts and worries. After your first class, you’ll realise you were worrying about nothing. And if you are really unsure about committing to a full course, why not try one of our Stage & the City taster classes? These are a great way to try our courses and experience for yourself whether a class is for you before joining.

Be prepared to not get it right first time

This may be your first time ever experiencing a performing arts class – you are not expected to be perfect! Making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process. If you go into a class thinking you’ll have to be perfect at everything, you’ll end up feeling like you have failed and will probably not have a very good time. Be prepared to make mistakes and to learn from them. If you can go in knowing you will take on new challenges, you are likely to just get on with it and see what happens.

Consider that you might have to work as a group as well as individually

Depending on what you are learning, your teacher might ask you to work on something one on one or as part of a larger group. Prepare yourself with the knowledge that group work and individual work might occur. That way it will enable you to try any activity asked of you.

Plan what to wear and take beforehand

It is important that you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear on your course, whether that be a dance class or an acting class. You may prefer gym clothes if you know you will be physically active or you could wear loose-fitting regular clothes. Many studios and spaces may have a no ‘outdoor shoe’ policy so make sure to pack socks or indoor trainers, or be prepared to have your feet exposed. Have a think about what you will feel more comfortable in before the day and that will ensure you avoid any last-minute panic. And remember to bring water to keep hydrated!

Get familiar with the school

Make sure you know the location and timings of the class so that you are fully prepared. It’s great to arrive early so that you can get familiar with the space and put your mind at ease. Most people tend to feel more comfortable in surroundings that they have been in before. That’s why it’s also a good idea to do research on the school and their ethos. Here at Stage & the City, we are all about building confidence and encouraging growth and social well-being whilst learning or developing skills. Our teachers are fun and supportive and will make sure you feel at ease whilst learning!

So now you’ve got your top tips for starting your first performing arts class, why not join us at Stage & the City? We have a range of performing arts classes for you to choose from. Click here to see more. You can also take advantage of our taster sessions. This is a great way to try our courses and experience for yourself whether a class is for you before joining.  It only costs £10 which will be taken off your fees should you decide to sign up. Find out more here.


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