Five Reasons why Acting Classes for Kids are Beneficial

Anna Fiorentini 30 Jun 2021

Five Reasons why Acting Classes for Kids are Beneficial

Acting classes are great for children and young people because of the various benefits that they offer. Whether you are taking part in order to pursue a dream of performing, or if you are looking to build confidence, express yourself and gain social skills, acting classes can still be very useful.

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So here are a few reasons why:

Gain self-confidence and public speaking skills

Confidence and public speaking skills are important assets to have as an adult and time should be spent developing them. For a shy child, the idea of getting up in front of people to perform or even talk may be extremely daunting. But with the help of an encouraging teacher and a supportive environment, students will gradually step out of their comfort zone by participating in fun games and activities to build confidence. Students will also be taught valuable public speaking skills like projection, diction and pronunciation so that they can speak comfortably in front of a group of people and audiences.

Learn how to work as a team

Teamwork is a crucial element in acting. You will often have to rely on a group to deliver scenes accurately. Acting classes will help children and young people learn how to collaborate with others. They will understand the importance of supporting each other through developing good communication and listening skills. These skills can be applied in all areas of their life. It can be an excellent opportunity for children who have a hard time fitting in.  And they may even come away with a group of new like-minded friends!

Encourage creative expression and empathy

Acting classes can become an outlet for self-expression and help children to get in touch with their emotions. By being in a supportive environment, children can practice using their imagination, learn to find their voice and embrace being themselves. Stepping into the shoes of different characters can help students to understand different perspectives and points of view. Consequently, this will help them to develop empathy for others in the real world.

Gain a sense of achievement and professionalism

There’s nothing quite like hearing an audience laugh at your joke or applaud your monologue to make you feel like a star. Students can often get a great sense of achievement from participating in shows and performances. Acting classes will give children and young people an increased awareness of what they can achieve. It will also encourage students to make a great impression on directors, teachers, and fellow students. They will begin to show enthusiasm, work hard and treat everyone with respect. This follows through into a child’s work and professional life.

It’s a fun and enjoyable activity

Finally, and maybe most importantly, acting classes are an engaging and fun activity for children and young people to participate in. Classes can offer a great work/play balance alongside studies.

We believe that participating in acting classes can be extremely beneficial as they offer transferable skills for life. If you’re interested in taking part in an acting class, have a look at schools here and sign up for an obligation-free taster day. We have branches in various locations in London and provide classes for students aged between 4-18 years old.  

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