AF Students on Results Day

Anna Fiorentini 13 Aug 2015

AF Students on Results Day

“Wishing all our students and their peers getting A Level results today all the best. If for any reason the results are not what you needed don’t despair. I remember as if only yesterday getting my results and being shocked that they weren’t quite what I needed to get into my first choice Uni. I was devastated as up until that point I thought my whole identity was based on being able to get excellent results. It is only due to all the unexpected ‘failures’ in my life that I have become stronger and accomplished everything that I have done. Do your best, when you fail get up dust yourself off and try again as that will make you even stronger than those that succeeded first time round. But most importantly know that your self worth should not be tied into any exam results or high achieving jobs but rather living your life as a decent human being with integrity and respect for your fellow human beings. Of course having a good education behind you may help you succeed in the career you have chosen. But being able to cope with unexpected hindrances will also stand you in very good steed.” Anna Fiorentini, Founder & Principle of AF School

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