Parents are invited to in-house showings most terms or at least every other term. These are not full-blown shows but rather an opportunity to see what skills the students have been developing and what they have been studying.

Every couple of years, each branch puts on a Variety Performance at a prestigious theatre, giving our students the opportunity to work alongside professional lighting and sound engineers as well as stage managers and all the other professionals needed to put on a high calibre show.

The regular theatres that we perform in include the Hackney Empire, The Shaw Theatre, the Greenwich Theatre and the Arts Depot in Finchley.

When students work towards shows they have to learn and repeat routines as-per a professional theatrical production. The discipline needed teaches patience, resilience, teamwork and determination. However, we feel it crucial to balance our syllabus by not having shows every term. This takes the pressure off our students and allows them to develop other skills such as rehearsal etiquette, understanding vocal techniques and building the ensemble.

Celebrity guest speakers at our shows have included:

Barbara Windsor

“Christopher, aren’t you glad you’re not starting out in this business with all this talent.”

Photo credit: Mark Cuthbert

Christopher Biggins

” It is so wonderful to see young people doing such fantastic things. And it’s a real privilege to be a part of it.”

Photo credit: Allan Warren

Michelle Collins

“Thank you so much for entertaining us. It was absolutely brilliant. I wish there was something like this when I was a kid.”

Photo credit: WireImage – Getty

Gaby Roslin

“What an outstanding show. These performers have got bright future ahead of them.”

Photo credit: Getty Images

Shobna Gulati

“This business is really tough and without a school like this, these children wouldn’t have an opportunity to follow thier dreams. It’s not just about talent. It is about discipline and commitment and that you can only get with a good grounding.”

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