Entrepreneurial Scheme

Being a performer in these modern times is harder than ever and requires almost an entirely new set of skills in order to succeed. Performers need to mould themselves into a creative agency – understanding marketing, soft business skills and fundraising to ensure they can keep working. The introduction of the Entrepreneurship Initiative does just this. Students are allocated roles within a fundraising framework such as ‘Head of Strategy’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Logistics’, and are taught what it takes to fundraise and learn the soft business skills they can apply to many, many areas of their lives.

The money raised each term goes directly to the charity on their doorstep – The Fiorentini Foundation which raises vital funds to enable less fortunate children to access the world of the performing arts.  The charity works extensively with underprivileged children and those with long term health issues. This means that, alongside these valuable business skills, our students are taught empathy and perspective. We encourage our students to see the value in using their creative minds to help others and see the importance of allowing every child the opportunity to gain inspiration and education through the performing arts.

 “I had to raise £10,000 in less than 10 months so that I could do my post-graduate at an accredited drama school. I didn’t have wealthy parents and was already in debt, having just completed my degree. Knowing I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my dreams for financial reasons put me in a position where I was forced to learn basic business and fundraising skills. I utilised these vital skills again to help me survive whilst looking for acting work and, later down the line, when setting up my school. Now I believe every young person should be given the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills to take ownership of their futures and see that no obstacle is too high when you are instilled with the integrity to make things happen yourself. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected and always to be prepared.”

Anna Fiorentini

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