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Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

SUMMER TERM16th April -18th June 2024 (10 weeks)
SUMMER TERM PART ONE 5 WEEK SHORT COURSE16th April-14th May 2024 (5 weeks)
SUMMER TERM PART TWO 5 WEEK SHORT COURSE21st May-18th June 2024 (5 weeks)


SUMMER TERM FULL COURSE£268 OR £227.80 with 15% Early Bird Discount-fees can be split into TWO instalments
SUMMER TERM-5 WEEK SHORT COURSE£134.10 OR £113.99 with 15% Early Bird Discount-fees can be split into TWO instalments
SUMMER TERM-5 WEEK SHORT COURSE£134.10 OR £113.99 with 15% Early Bird Discount-fees can be split into TWO instalments


Jacksons Lane Arts Centre
269A Archway Rd, London N6 5AA

LIAM REILLY trained at Drama Centre London. Theatre credits include: The Hanged Man (Mercury Theatre), The Caretaker (World Tour), Julius Ceasar (Barbican Theatre), The Homecoming (Actors Centre), Addicted to Love (UK Tour), Sprout (Edinburgh Festival), Cahoots Macbeth (Kings Head Theatre)

TV/Film credits include: Call The Midwife (BBC), Clapham Junction (Channel 4) Dubplate Drama, Series I &II (Channel 4) Baby Father II (BBC), The Hidden City (Hallmark), Class (Black Dog Films), Phea (Fade In Productions), There for me (Cinema 2), Irina Palm (Samsa Films), Rabbit Fever (Caught Productions), Trauma (Little Bird).

Liam is extremely passionate and active in theatre, film and television and believes strongly in its ability to educate, entertain, and empower. He originally trained as an actor at the Drama Centre, London and now splits his time between acting coaching, writing, and directing.

We are holding a £10 taster evening on the 16th April for anybody unsure about signing up for the full course. Click here for more details.

What to expect this upcoming Summer Term

For this upcoming Summer Term starting in April, you will be exploring True Crime dramas (Dahmer, Inventing Anna, Dopestick) for the first five weeks, and then delving into the mind of British actress and filmmaker Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum, I May Destroy You, Black Earth Rising) for the final five weeks. Do part one of the course (True Crime Drama), part two of the course (Michaela Coel), or both!

Looking for fun acting classes in London?

There are many disciplines in the world of acting – among the most challenging and rewarding, is that of Acting on Screen. Acting on screen is a polar shift from treading the boards but it’s a major focus for the modern actor. Due to the immense popularity of film, television and streaming services, work across this media will usually make up the bulk of an actor’s professional engagements in their careers—meaning the related skill sets are crucial to development.

Cultivate Your Screen Acting Skills

This not-to-be-missed course is for anyone interested in acting in TV and film.  Suitable for students who have never been in front of a camera before (but you’re keen to give it a go!) and also for students who have a little experience, and would like to gain new skills to potentially further their careers. You’ll explore how to build an authentic, original and engaging character, whilst demystifying some of the technical aspects of acting on screen. This includes shot sizes and how they influence your performance, hitting your mark, and single camera vs. multi camera. This will be an active course with a range of activities and the opportunity to get on camera and evaluate your performance through playback. Although you’ll be working hard, you can expect lots of laughs and fun!

Term already started? Not to worry! It’s not too late, get in touch with us to see if there are still spaces available for you to enrol.

ALL profits from this course will go towards the Fiorentini Foundation and helping disadvantaged children access the performing arts.

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Direct debit payment plans are available, email for more details and to set up and someone will get back to you within 48hrs to arrange.

*Please note that as we are an adult performing arts school, any video footage or photographs taken during your class may be used on our social media for marketing and promotional purposes.

Course Content - Summer Term (Part One-TRUE CRIME, Part Two-MICHAELA COEL)

Summer Term (Subject to Minor Changes)

Specific skills you will learn this term include: Understanding and implementing different acting styles in Tv shows, How to identify unhelpful habitual behaviour, How to bring natural impulses to your work.

  • WEEK ONE – Intro to true crime tv dramas – style and script breakdown
  • WEEK TWO –Character and relationship building
  • WEEK THREE –Getting rid of bad habits
  • WEEK FOUR – How to let impulses flow
  • WEEK FIVE – Shoot the scene – playback & feedback
  • WEEK SIX – Intro to Michaela Cole – Style – and script break down
  • WEEK SEVEN – Character and relationship building
  • WEEK EIGHT – Shoot the scene – playback – feedback
  • WEEK NINE – How to let impulses flow
  • WEEK TEN – Shoot the scene – playback & feedback

If you do not enjoy your first class, let us know within 24 hours and you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the first class.


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