Acting for TV/Film


Tuesdays 6.45pm-8.45pm


28th September -7th December 2021 (11 weeks)

£295 OR £265.50 with 10% Early Bird discount

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Jacksons Lane Arts Centre
269A Archway Rd, London N6 5AA

DANIELA SPATARU is a professional actress currently based in London. She studied acting for screen at The Royal School of Speech and Drama in London and at the Drama University in Bucharest. She can currently be seen in the BAFTA winning comedy This Way Up, streaming on Channel 4 in the UK and HULU in the US. Further work includes various projects with BBC including River City, ITV The Halcyon and Sony Music Tom Walker- Heartland. In 2017, Daniela won Best Supporting Actress at the Monaco International Film Festival. She has been teaching acting for screen since 2016.


Only 12 places.

Enjoy being with people within a Covid Secure and fully risk assessed environment which adheres to current government guidelines!

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***We are holding a £10 taster evening for the first class of this term for anybody unsure about signing up for the full course. Click here for more details. ***

This term’s acting for TV/Film course will be split in to two themes. In theme one you will explore the difference between acting in dramas and comedies, in theme two you will explore who you are as an actor and challenge your perceptions of what your performance limitations may be.

There are many disciplines in the world of acting. Among the most challenging and yet rewarding is that of acting on screen. Acting in front of a lens, is a polar shift from treading the boards. The intensity and pressure to perform can feel overwhelming.

Course instructor Daniela Spataru will be drawing from her experience as an actor and her training at Royal School of Speech and Drama, teaching a range of techniques from practitioners including Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen. This will be an active course with a range of activities and the opportunity to get on camera and evaluate your performance through playback. Although you’ll be working hard, you can expect lots of laughs and fun! This is a not-to-be-missed course for anyone interested in acting in TV and film.

“Drama is life with all the boring bits cut out.” (Alfred Hitchcock).

Theme One-DRAMA vs COMEDY- Course Content:

For the next six weeks we will build up your ‘acting for screen’ technique utilising scenes from Fleabag, I May Destroy you, I Hate Suzie and The Affair tackling both monologues and duologues from each. After an intensive analysis and rehearsal period, you will be guided towards delivering your version of contemporary cutting-edge characters on camera!

  • WEEK ONE-INTRODUCTION-Action, relaxation, casting & screen personas. Exploring vocal and physical acting techniques relevant to screen acting and how they relate and differ to stage acting techniques
  • WEEK TWO– PRE PRODUCTION- The detective work of script analysis. Where to begin?! Translating what’s on the page to a compelling and truthful three-dimensional character.
  • WEEK THREE-DRAMA- The truth is in the silence. What’s happening between the words? An opportunity to rehearse and shoot scenes from some of the best British and American TV dramas
  • WEEK FOUR-COMEDY-In drama we prepare our audience, in comedy we surprise them, but how? An opportunity to play with a variety of comedic scenes, exploring the techniques you can use to generate those all-important laughs.
  • WEEK FIVE-WORKING FAST- Using scenes from ongoing serials and soaps, where the volume of weekly episodes necessitates shooting at speed, we learn how to produce the goods within a limited timeframe, considering all the technical aspects of acting on screen; shot sizes and how they influence your performance, hitting your mark, single camera v multi

Theme Two-Who Am I? Who Can I Be?- Course Content:

  • WEEK SIX-INTRODUCTION-Action, relaxation and living on screen. Physical and vocal techniques to allow you to live truthfully on screen and just ‘be’.
  • WEEK SEVEN-MONOLOGUES- Crafting a performance when the only dialogue on the page is yours
  • WEEK EIGHT-ICONIC CHARACTERS- Having fun playing some iconic screen characters, exploring how you can make a role your own and find your version of some of the most iconic characters ever created. Through this, we see that there is no right and wrong, only different
  • WEEK NINE-BUILDING A ROLE FROM SCRATCH- This week we set aside our scripts and develop our own characters, using improvisation exercises and techniques
  • WEEK TEN-TIME TO SHOOT- Putting it all into practice. This week you’re asked to prepare a scene in advance, ready for shooting in class. The scenes will be shot as on-set with different shot sizes, pick-ups and directorial notes, so you get the full experience! We will then playback and evaluate your performance, so you can see how much you’ve grown as a performer.
  • WEEK ELEVEN– AUDITIONS AND SELF TAPES- Adding the pressure of an audition situation, where you have to be your own director, DOP and cameraperson. Exploring the audition process for screen (self-tape, zoom and in-person) and how to prepare fully within a tight timeframe, whilst also giving you the tools to improve your skills in sight-reading and learning lines. A great way for students to see how far they’ve come!

This course will take place on Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, 28th September- 7th December. ALL profits from this course will go towards Saving the Anna Fiorentini Kids Charity Theatre School.

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