Acting for Beginners – Saturdays

Acting Classes Overview

Saturdays 10am -1pm

SPRING TERM13th January-23rd March 2024 (11 weeks)
SUMMER TERM13th April-29th June (12 weeks)
SPRING & SUMMER TERM£925 OR £786.25 with 15% Early Bird Discount-fees can be split into TWO instalments

Courtyard Theatre
The Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield St, London N1 6EU

LIAM REILLY trained at Drama Centre London. Theatre credits include: The Hanged Man (Mercury Theatre), The Caretaker (World Tour), Julius Ceasar (Barbican Theatre), The Homecoming (Actors Centre), Addicted to Love (UK Tour), Sprout (Edinburgh Festival), Cahoots Macbeth (Kings Head Theatre)

TV/Film credits include: Call The Midwife (BBC), Clapham Junction (Channel 4) Dubplate Drama, Series I &II (Channel 4) Baby Father II (BBC), The Hidden City (Hallmark), Class (Black Dog Films), Phea (Fade In Productions), There for me (Cinema 2), Irina Palm (Samsa Films), Rabbit Fever (Caught Productions), Trauma (Little Bird).

Liam is extremely passionate and active in theatre, film and television and believes strongly in its ability to educate, entertain, and empower. He originally trained as an actor at the Drama Centre, London and now splits his time between acting coaching, writing, and directing.


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Looking for fun acting classes in London?

Have you ever wanted to act? Do you find yourself watching your favourite movie over and over and wondering what it would be like to play that part? This Two Term acting course will teach you the fundamentals of acting. You will build up a toolkit of acting skills enabling you to unlock character, help spontaneity and free your inner performer from inhibition. We strongly believe in the value acting classes provide for improving self-confidence and life skills.

We will be offering the first few classes of this course as taster sessions for anyone unsure about signing up for the full course.

Join us for two terms of skill-building and self-discovery, culminating in an end of term showing for friends and family at the end of the second term which will be attended by one of the school agents-there is no guarantee of representation at the end of this course, but they will be there to offer advice after your performance.

Elevate your weekends with creativity and join our community of passionate performers!

ALL profits from this course will go towards the Fiorentini Foundation and helping disadvantaged children access the performing arts.

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Direct debit payment plans are available, email for more details and to set up and someone will get back to you within 48hrs to arrange.

*Please note that as we are an adult performing arts school, any video footage or photographs taken during your class may be used on our social media for marketing and promotional purposes.

Course Content - Spring Term & Summer Term

(Subject to Minor Changes)

Specific skills you will learn for the Spring term include: Improv – how to improve, Text analysis – how to do it, Screen acting – how to improve.

  • WEEK ONE – Get to know you – trust building
  • WEEK TWO – Improv – learning to say yes
  • WEEK THREE –Improv – how to work with others
  • WEEK FOUR – Scene and text analysis (first look at the scene)
  • WEEK FIVE-Building character
  • WEEK SIX – Listening & observation – Meisner
  • WEEK SEVEN– Being present & connection – Meisner
  • WEEK EIGHT- Hitting your mark and repetition (with objects)
  • WEEK NINE  – Working with a director
  • WEEK TEN-Film the scene
  • WEEK ELEVEN-Playback and feedback

Specific skills you will learn for the Summer term include: Building character – tools, Voice – develop a routine / warm up, Physical life – how to create one.

  • WEEK ONE – Play – remember to have fun – games
  • WEEK TWO – Script analysis
  • WEEK THREE –Building Character
  • WEEK FOUR – Action the scene
  • WEEK FIVE-Voice-Develop a routine
  • WEEK SIX – Physical life – animal work
  • WEEK SEVEN– Being present in the scene – Meisner
  • WEEK EIGHT- Connection – to the text and to your partner
  • WEEK NINE  – Rehearsal – personalisation
  • WEEK TEN-Rehearsal — blocking
  • WEEK ELEVEN-Rehearsal – run the scene
  • WEEK TWELVE-Rehearsed exercise – show the work

If you do not enjoy your first class, let us know within 24 hours and you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the first class.


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