Acting Diploma Course (Level 3 equivalent)


Saturdays: 11am to 5pm


TERM ONE20th January 2024-23rd March 2024
TERM TWO6th April 2024-8th June 2024
TERM THREE22nd June 2024-24th August 2024

Show Date: 24th August 2024


FULL COURSE FEES£2500 (£500 Deposit required to secure your place)
  • 8 Direct Debit payments of £250
  • 5 Direct Debit payments of £400
  • 2 Direct Debit payments of £1000


Courtyard Theatre
The Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield St, London N1 6EU


LIAM REILLY trained at Drama Centre London. Theatre credits include: The Hanged Man (Mercury Theatre), The Caretaker (World Tour), Julius Ceasar (Barbican Theatre), The Homecoming (Actors Centre), Addicted to Love (UK Tour), Sprout (Edinburgh Festival), Cahoots Macbeth (Kings Head Theatre)

TV/Film credits include: Call The Midwife (BBC), Clapham Junction (Channel 4) Dubplate Drama, Series I &II (Channel 4) Baby Father II (BBC), The Hidden City (Hallmark), Class (Black Dog Films), Phea (Fade In Productions), There for me (Cinema 2), Irina Palm (Samsa Films), Rabbit Fever (Caught Productions), Trauma (Little Bird).

Liam is extremely passionate and active in theatre, film and television and believes strongly in its ability to educate, entertain, and empower. He originally trained as an actor at the Drama Centre, London and now splits his time between acting coaching, writing, and directing.


Your tutor in the afternoons will vary depending on the topic you are working on to ensure you are receiving tutoring from a specialist in that field.

Unleash your acting potential with our Level 3 UK equivalent Acting Diploma Course. Crafted over three terms of 10 weeks each, this course offers you the chance to delve into the theatrical world.

Mornings are dedicated to mastering the fundamentals of acting – from honing your voice, sharpening your movements, sparking creativity through improvisation, to dissecting and understanding text work.

Afternoons transition into specialised topics. Traverse through the eloquent world of Shakespeare, engage with thought-provoking 20th-century texts, devise your original performances, and learn the nuances of acting for camera and film. You will even get the unique opportunity to work with professional cameramen during filming sessions.

The grand finale of this enriching journey is a public performance at the Courtyard Theatre in London. Showcase the techniques, the emotion, and the skills you’ve been learning over the course.

There will also be masterclasses throughout the term delivered by experts in the industry, including casting directors and respected theatre and film directors.

And that’s not all.

We understand the importance of first impressions in the acting world. Therefore, all students will receive professional headshots at no additional cost as part of this course.

Also, all students who enrol and complete this course will automatically be fast-tracked to audition for the Courtyard Theatre’s BA Hons Acting program.

Get ready to embark on an acting journey with industry professionals in an encouraging and dynamic environment. Find your unique voice, create compelling characters, and command the stage or screen. The Stage & the City Acting Diploma Course is more than just an acting course. It’s a journey of self-discovery, a mastery of the art, and an adventure in the world of dramatic arts.

Audition today and let your acting journey begin!

If you are offered a place on the diploma course and wish to accept it, you will be required to commit to THE FULL THREE TERMS including the show date. If you withdraw before the show dates full fees for all terms will still be due.

You will be developing the following skills set:

Fundamental Topics

    • Acting: Essential for portraying characters authentically and understanding their motivations and emotions.
    • Voice: Enables clear, expressive communication and characterisation. It impacts an actor’s ability to engage the audience and portray characters.
    • Movement: Contributes to physical characterisation, stage presence, and the ability to tell a story through physical action.
    • Improvisation: Enhances spontaneity, creativity, and adaptability on stage or screen. It also improves collaboration with other actors.
    • Text Work: Helps actors dissect scripts, understand subtext, and make informed choices about character portrayal.

Specialised Topics

  • Shakespeare: Mastery of Shakespeare’s language and works provides a strong foundation in dramatic literature and character interpretation.
  • Text Analysis: Enables actors to deeply understand the script, character motivations, and context, leading to a more compelling performance.
  • Acting for Camera and Film: Provides skills necessary for screen acting, such as understanding camera angles, shooting techniques, and the subtleties of on-camera performance.
  • Devising: Enhances creativity and collaboration as actors generate and develop their original performances.
  • 20th Century Texts: Familiarity with significant works from this era expands an actor’s knowledge of dramatic literature and provides a range of acting styles and techniques to explore.


For a place on this course, please click the AUDITION NOW button below to submit a self tape of yourself performing one monologue of your choice (no longer than 2 minutes).

Please note that as we are an adult performing arts school, any video footage or photographs taken during your class may be used on our social media for marketing and promotional purposes.


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