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Drama Classes Overview

Tuesdays: 8pm-9.15pm

SUMMER TERM18th April – 4th July 2023 (12 weeks)
SUMMER TERM£216 OR £183.60 with 15% Early Bird Discount-fees can be split into TWO instalments

Clapton Girls Academy
Almack Road, Lower Clapton, London E5 0RB

ATTILA KENT Attila trained at the City Lit in London and went on to perform on the fringe in London and Edinburgh. He had parts on TV for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as extra work for a number of films. Having returned to university to study counselling, his aim is to use the skills he learned as an actor on stage and in classes to help others develop the abilities needed to build their confidence. Attila is also one of the LAMDA tutors at the award-winning Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School.

Our drama classes are taught by industry professionals, and our students only have positive things to say about Stage and the City! Take a look at what our students have to say here.

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Looking for fun drama classes in London?

Does public speaking give you the chills? Do you dread giving presentations? Are you happier to walk away rather than risk conflict? Do you dislike going to social events for fear of standing in the corner like a lemon? Then our new acting classes for confidence in Hackney are perfect for you! If you can see yourself in the paragraph above, then we can help. Acting has helped countless souls improve their confidence, find their inner voice and enhance their life skills. Learn new skills at Stage & the City’s drama classes.

Increase your confidence

Through the use of acting skills, we will explore what it means to be confident how it can be developed and practiced. We work in a group and individual setting, looking at what each person needs from the term and building on that. The aim is to get you closer to feeling comfortable in your own skin whatever the situation and to give you tools to achieve this. Throughout the course we look at how this can be utilised in your day to day life and interactions.

A fun and interactive acting course suitable for all! No matter your level of experience this is a great opportunity to learn new skills. Use our acting for confidence course to develop your confidence and social skills. All of our students finish our courses with better performance skills and life skills in general. One of the advantages of our acting classes is that they are lessons you will keep for the rest of your life, to book a class click here.

Why not make a night of it?

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ALL profits from this course will go towards the Fiorentini Foundation and helping disadvantaged children access the performing arts.

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Direct debit payment plans are available, email for more details and to set up and someone will get back to you within 48hrs to arrange.

*Please note that as we are an adult performing arts school, any video footage or photographs taken during your class may be used on our social media for marketing and promotional purposes.

Course Content - Summer Term

(Subject to Minor Changes)

  • WEEK ONE – Acting games, reconnecting with self and intentions. Start to (re)discover yourself through acting games. Set your intentions and goals for the term
  • WEEK TWO – Where do we need confidence. Exploring situations where it is useful
  • WEEK THREE – What holds us back. By exploring what stops us can we see what helps us
  • WEEK FOUR – Playing the opposite. Can being someone else help in situations
  • WEEK FIVE – Change your inner voice. Put an Angel on your shoulder
  • WEEK SIX – Intentions. Setting intentions for ourselves and how we want to be. How this can affect mindset
  • WEEK SEVEN – Space. How to use it and your right to do so. How big can you be
  • WEEK EIGHT – Power of emotion. How it impacts our behaviour
  • WEEK NINE –Bragging and compliments. How to take pride in yourself and truly accept compliments
  • WEEK TEN– Bring in an activity you want to work on. Song, poem, speech
  • WEEK ELEVEN – Presentation of pieces
  • WEEK TWELVE-Presentation of pieces

If you do not enjoy your first class, let us know within 24 hours and you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the first class.

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