Creative Director

  • As a highly motivated performer and director, he follows the creative process through to the end – from concept to choreography to costume, and makes key decisions for set, lighting, staging, and the finished performance. Mark doesn’t limit his creative talents solely to the stage – he brings his energy and motivation to the students of Stage & the City in class. As a choreographer he has a passionate and artistic approach to most dance genres with extensive performance and dance ability.

    Dance and directing has always been a passion – even a way of life – for Mark Short. With a varied and extensive career, he has worked with some of the UK’s best and most established choreographers and directors. The influence of his professional experience has enabled Mark to be a valuable asset as the Creative Director for Stage and the City. He is responsible for the creative vision of the company, with a goal to bring out the best in both performers and production.

    “Motivation is a huge part of breaking down those barriers to learn any craft. Mark’s teaching objectives are to motivate you and make you realise that performing arts are fun and for losing your inhibitions, and feeling confidence in your approach to dance & performing” – former Stage & the City Student.

    Mark Short’s career involves a long list of notable television accolades including the Royal Variety Performances, Eastenders, Coronation Street, the John Lewis 150 Year Celebration, and more. He has also choreographed UK promotional tours for major corporate clients such as Coca Cola, Panasonic, Golden Wonder, Pickwick Records, and others. Mark has choreographed and danced for artists such as Tina Turner, Dizzie Rascal, Peter Andre, Ant n’ Dec, Michelle Gayle, and many more.

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