Twirl Your Way into 2019

Anna Fiorentini 7 Jan 2019

Twirl Your Way into 2019

At this time of year, people are looking to try something different. When it comes to dancing it’s about exploring new dance styles whether it be for weight loss, exercise and fitness or just a new years resolution to try something different. The “New Year, New Me “ approach.

So, come January, I started getting really excited about the start of both our Diva Dance and Dance Company courses. The vision I have for my classes is always to ‘dance as if nobody is watching and have a bloody good time, whether you go wrong or not’. With this in mind, the fun I see the students have in the classes suddenly changes their whole approach to learning. I see them developing their skills and dancing in a way they never thought they could.

They end up performing full-on choreographed routines, and to finish it off they get to perform that routine either in a showcase or an end-of-term class display for friends and family. Our dance classes also compete in competitions, both here in the UK and abroad. This gives students the ability to discover confidence they never knew they had!

That’s what gets me excited and why I love to teach these classes! I see the students come in nervous and telling me they “can’t dance”, then by the end of term I see them perform a dance routine they thought they could never do.

Dance is not just good physical exercise. Dance also makes you a better person, allowing you to explore and express inner depths and it makes you feel better in yourself.

As a teacher, dance makes me feel good because it makes me feel alive. My passion in my approach to teaching is rewarded by watching students take a fun journey of self-exploration and expression.

– Mark Short, Dance Choreographer.

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