Top Museum Outings for Children interested in the Arts

Anna Fiorentini 13 May 2021

Top Museum Outings for Children interested in the Arts

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, many of us will be looking to plan days out and think of creative activities to do. Something that shouldn’t be missed is a trip to check out the latest exhibition or historical collection. Taking the kids out to a museum can be a great way to engage with their imagination, encourage new learning experiences and offer memorable quality time with friends and family.

We have compiled a list of exhibitions, tours and museums that are reopening around London and are perfect for children who are interested in theatre, singing, dance and acting:

1. V&A’s Theatre Collection

Head on over to the V&A in London which houses an incredible Theatre & Performance collection. There is a lot to discover amongst the objects and works of art that cover drama, dance, opera, circus, puppetry, comedy, musical theatre, costume, set design, pantomime, popular music and much more.

Museum entry is free, tickets must be booked in advance.

2. Shakespeare’s Globe

Take a guided tour of this open-air theatre which introduces visitors to Shakespeare’s London. You’ll get to see the theatrical world he created and learn about Elizabethan theatre and stage practices.

Tickets for under 16s are £11 each, book in advance.

3. V&A’s Dance Collection

This display celebrates 100 years of the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance. Discover the story of how it shaped the future of dance training, the famous faces who were involved, and how it continues to bring the joy of dance to the lives of people across the world.

Museum entry is free, tickets must be booked in advance.

4. The Making of Harry Potter and Warner Bros. Studios

Discover the magic that goes on behind the scenes of a film in this backlot tour. Feast your eyes on stunning costumes, breathtakingly detailed sets and intricate props in the home of the Harry Potter series.

Tickets for under 16s are £38 each, book in advance.

5. Abbey Road Studios Crossing

Take a peek at the world famous studios made famous by musicians from The Beatles and Kate Bush to Kanye West, Adele, and Ed Sheeran. Leave your autograph on the ‘graffiti wall’ outside and remember to strike a pose on the zebra crossing made famous by The Beatles!

No entrance to the studios but entrance to the gift shop is free which has memorabilia and photos you can view.

We believe visiting a museum is an enriching and engaging experience for all, especially children. As we move into this new phase of normality, remember that many venues will have guidelines in place and it is best to look on their websites in advance.

If your children are interested in more than just learning about the performing arts and want to take part in some classes, please click here for more information. We offer lessons in drama, dance, singing and film.


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