The Importance of Dance

Anna Fiorentini 1 Dec 2017

The Importance of Dance

What was the last dance performance you saw? Was it on Strictly Come Dancing? Was it at a theatre show? Dance is a beautiful thing to watch. There is much more to dance than just entertainment. Dance can express a story and emotions, and there are several benefits of dancing. In this blog post I’ll be discussing various benefits of dancing.

Firstly, dance allows people to express themselves and share their emotions with others. For example, an interpretive dance tells a story. Our 2017 Fiorentini’s Got Talent winner had a beautiful interpretive dance that gave me chills. Every movement she made was clearly thought through. No movement was random. The sequence of movement put the audience in a trance. This just shows how dance can tell such a beautiful story. It’s also a universal language. Any person from any background or culture can understand it. We all share in the six basic emotions. No matter your age or the language you speak, you will be able to understand a dance. It can speak to you without words being used.

Dancing can also relieve stress which is helpful for a healthy lifestyle. For some dancing will allow them to forget about their hectic lives and frustrations. They will be able to get lost in the music and be at peace for a least a few minutes. It is an outlet to put one’s frustrations in to. It is also healthier than some things people will do to relieve stress.

Dancing is a form of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. It can be a fun way to stay healthy. This is why there are various dancing exercise programs such as Zumba. Personally, I think Zumba is very fun, it doesn’t even feel like exercise! And this is coming from a woman who strongly dislikes exercising. It’s such a great way to have fun while getting fit.

Dancing can also allow for bonds to form. People who dance together form a connection because of all the time they spend together rehearsing and performing. It’s a way to make new friends and network, and these friendships can be very beneficial in the future. These people who you are forming connections with know what you are going through when you’re stressed about performing or learning a new choreography, they can relate because they have most likely gone through the same thing.

Lastly, some people may dance simply because they enjoy it. When someone does something they love, they will be happier. Even if you think that you can’t dance at all, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try just for fun! That is what is amazing about dance, you do not have to be good to benefit from it.

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