The 5 Biggest Choices We Hope We Won’t Ever Have to Make in Life

Anna Fiorentini 14 Sep 2020

The 5 Biggest Choices We Hope We Won’t Ever Have to Make in Life

Are you decisive or indecisive? Do you spend a full 15 minutes in the morning deciding what cereal to eat?

Our life is made up of a whole load of choices that we must make every day from the moment we wake up – get out of bed, don’t get out of bed, have coffee don’t have coffee, brush our teeth, don’t brush our teeth. Of course, most of these choices are second-nature and we fulfil them on autopilot, but what if the choices presented to us, and the decisions we made, were life-changing? As the famous quote goes: “It is the ability to choose which makes us human.” What if the choice is one of the biggest decisions you’ve ever had to make?

Check out this list of the most dangerous, heart-plummeting choices that we hope won’t ever come our way…

1. Choosing between lovers.
Gulp. What if you found yourself entangled in a love triangle and it was time to make a choice between partners?

2. To live or die.
Jeez. Coming in early with the light-hearted stuff! What if we were imprisoned for life for a crime we didn’t commit. Would you give up or keep fighting?

3. To kill or be killed.
Ok, hopefully when we go down to Tesco this evening this isn’t a decision we’ll need to make but what if it was presented to us? It’s kill or be killed… have you got it in you?

4. Choosing to protect a family member or call the cops?
What if you had inside knowledge on a dark and devious plot that a close family member was concocting. Would you rush to their aid, stay quiet or make a confidential tip off to 999?

5. To flee or to fight?
Your house is under threat, you’re the only one inside except for beloved chihuahua, Mike. Do you grab some makeshift weapons and protect your home (and Mike), or do you pocket the pooch and jump out of the window?

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