Students excel in their academic studies

Anna Fiorentini 19 May 2014

Students excel in their academic studies

Many local Head Teachers have reported how their students have improved academically and achieved higher exam results since attending the Anna Fiorentini School. This we believe is due to the students developing a thirst for learning via such a professional creative environment.

“I have been passionate about providing arts education to children for over 18 years now because I believe, through the arts, we can teach the adults of tomorrow how to communicate effectively, present themselves professionally and respond appropriately to constructive discipline”. Not only are the arts beneficial to older students about to embark on a life of college and job interviews, but reseach has shown that early years development is also cruicially effected by the inclusion of constructive play, social development and awareness of their own bodies.

The Anna Fiorentini School offers so much more than the average part-time school. Students have the opportunity to take LAMDA exams and Arts Awards (which can carry UCAS points at the highest levels). It also has a Young Ambassadors scheme where its teenagers can learn some valuable business, fundraising and production skills. And of course there is the prestigious Anna Fiorentini Agency which gives the students the opportunity to audition for high profile roles on TV, Film, Radio, Theatre and across the industry. profhilo

Testimonials include:

“The ability to concentrate and focus that Zoe has developed since attending has helped her in her school work and her target grades for GCSE are now all A and A*”

“Quite simply Zara blossomed in every area of life since joining AF. She gained confidence, friendships and wonderful experiences”

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