Anna Fiorentini 8 Jan 2021


Here at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, we applaud students on their creativity, integrity and spontaneity and two of our students showed all three as they took it upon themselves to put on their very own Facebook Live concert on New Year’s  Day raise money for the Fiorentini Foundation! 

Sisters Paris and Tiffany Banyong treated viewers to a very special Facebook Live  Musical concert, singing their way to 2021. With help from their family and friends Paris and Tiffany managed to raise £245 for the charity! They achieved £185 via our  Enthuse Fundraising platform and £60 by Facebook donations. 

Students at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School have now added a new string to their bows… entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneur Initiative was launched in 2020  across all schools – alongside acting, singing and dance students are now learning vital and practical life and business skills such as writing press releases, learning how to fundraise, marketing and much, much more. Each class has a target amount to hit to raise money for charity and Tiffany has raised £122.60 for her group, ‘McCutcheon’ at the Hackney Branch and Paris, £122.60 towards her group target, for her class,  ‘Lewis’, also at Hackney. The Entrepreneurship Initiative was dreamt up as a desperate plea was made from the Foundation which was very badly hit financially by  Covid19. 

The starlet students heard about the plight of the Fiorentini Foundation which is the charitable arm of the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School and decided they had to  help. The Foundation raises money for disadvantaged children and those with, or  affected by severe health conditions. The charity has been devastated by Covid19  with all fundraising events cancelled in 2020 they are in desperate need for go-getting  fundraisers like Paris and Tiffany to come forward and create their own fundraising  events.  

There are many ways you can join Tiffany and Paris and raise money for the  Foundation yourself in 2021. We are currently seeking a brave band of beasts to run  the Hackney Half Marathon on May 16th on behalf of the Foundation. If you’re keen to  take the challenge you can register your interest here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paris, Tiffany and family for taking the  initiative and not only entertaining their audience but spreading the word about the  Fiorentini Foundation and raising vital funds to help keep it afloat.  

The Fiorentini Foundation has three main purposes: 

  1. To break down the elitist barriers in the performing arts sector. 

We strongly believe The Arts should be inclusive, diverse and open to all. Our work  ensures doors are open for everyone and nepotism and elitism becomes a thing of the  past. 

  1. To raise money for scholarships. 

Twenty years ago, The Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School opened its doors to  provide part-time, professional training in the performing arts for children. It teaches  life skills, boosts children’s self-esteem and confidence and helps them achieve their  full potential. At the foundation we raise money for full and partial scholarships for less  fortunate children in marginalised communities to attend the school. 

  1. To support children with and affected by health issues including cancer. 

The children we help through the Foundation may have life-limiting illnesses, such as  cancer, or have someone in their family affected. For these children, the money we  raise gives them access to much-needed escapism and respite. We believe all  children should have the chance to enjoy a care-free life surrounded by inspiration and  joy. 

If our purposes resonate with you and you would like to put on your very own Zoom  concert or have another fundraising idea then please email: 

If you would like to show your support for Tiffany and Paris, you can donate here.

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