Stage Make-Up Master Class

Anna Fiorentini 31 Oct 2017

Stage Make-Up Master Class

As part of our dance and film class at our Hackney branch, our students learned a dance routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and then were filmed doing the choreography during film class. To get them into the spooky spirit, we decided to bring someone in to run a stage make-up master class!

Our students were shown how to create gory special effects using professional stage make-up, and then were asked to carry out what they’d learned on fellow students. During the session, our students worked with products to create realistic wounds, colorful bruises and zombie-like makeup. Needless to say, it was a very messy day in the drama studio!

Not only did this workshop teach our students techniques that will allow them to get into character and create their own cuts, bruises and other useful techniques. It also helped them to explore their own creativity and imaginations. To see more images from this workshop please click here.

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