Are Singing Classes Worth It?

2 Nov 2022

singing classes

Do you have a passion for singing? Are you looking to show off your vocal talent in a group? Do you want to feel more confident while performing? Or, perhaps your child is interested in singing and music and you’re wondering, ‘Are there singing classes near me?’ Whether you’re looking forward to nurturing your passion for professional or personal development or wanting to pick up a new hobby, singing lessons can help you achieve your goals. 

Alongside learning signing techniques and improving your voice, there are many other benefits to taking up singing classes. Here are some reasons why:

1. Singing classes can increase confidence

Singing lessons are a great chance for students to build their confidence. For many, the idea of singing away from your shower and in front of a group can be terrifying. However, vocal lessons can change that fear and help you step out of your comfort zone. Stage & the City’s singing classes bring a diverse range of people together in a relaxed and friendly environment where you feel supported in stepping out of your comfort zone. Learning new techniques with a group whilst helping and encouraging each other is a great way to increase confidence. You’ll also gain a great sense of achievement!

And no matter your age, learning to sing in front of a group requires a skill-set that can be transferred to everyday life. In school or in the workplace, you’ll probably find a situation where you must stand in front of people and speak. A singing class will teach you performance techniques, pronunciation, projection, and how to resonate confidence. These crucial skills will definitely come in handy throughout your life!

2. Build lung capacity with voice classes London

Have you ever found yourself running out of breath or gasping for air? Vocal lessons will teach you how to control breathing and use your lungs in a way to get the most sound from every breath. You’ll build strength in your chest and lungs, learning how to control your overall range. Not only will it be much easier for you to hit notes and successfully sing along to the radio, but you’ll feel stronger in everyday life too. 

And, if you have some experience in singing and want to maintain your vocal strength, proper education and guidance is crucial. When singing without the techniques that are provided through singing lessons, you may damage your voice! Singing teachers will recognise if you are putting strain on your voice and can correct this through specific exercises. So what are you waiting for, google ‘singing classes near me’ before you run out of breath!

3. Get social with a singing class and express yourself through song

Often, it can be hard to make new friends. Making the time to socialise and meet new people is incredibly important for all ages. If you join a weekly singing class or choir, it’s a great opportunity to meet a group of like-minded people who share your love of singing. The camaraderie of a vocal class where everyone has to support each other can be a real boost of spirit! You may end up making life-long friends (and karaoke partners!) 

And singing lessons are great for people of any age as it gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively. Vocal classes can encourage you to explore a whole range of music you may never have heard before. You’ll also get a better understanding of your own voice, and as such, will have a great tool kit to be able to express yourself through song.  

So join voice classes in London today!

If you’ve been wanting to take up singing lessons, now is your chance! Stage & the City offers singing classes in London for adults. City Singers is a contemporary choir which combines lessons in technical knowledge with general sing-alongs. You can come along to let go of all the stress from your working day!


How much are singing classes?

This 10-week course is £96 and you’ll get the opportunity to perform in a Charity Showcase raising money for disadvantaged children to access the performing arts. For more information on fees and timings, please click here. We believe you are never too old to try something new. 

Or if you know a younger person that would benefit from voice classes in London, the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School can help. With branches in Camden, Docklands, Hackney and Greenwich, you can join weekly lessons in singing, drama and dance. Join us on the first day of term for a Taster Day to try out the school and see if it’s the right fit for you before signing up for a full term. For more information, please click here.

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