No More Side Hustle!

Anna Fiorentini 23 Feb 2021

No More Side Hustle!

Let’s talk about the phrase ‘multi-hyphenate’. Have you heard it? I first heard it nearly 5 years ago in a talk by a brilliant American writer. She was confused why many people felt the need to be defined by one job. She was right to be perplexed.

It’s a very British thing to set the parameters for our box and stick to them. I should say, it was. Because, now more than ever we are seeing a global rise in multi-hyphenates.

From Emma Watson to Regina King, we have all realised that the more skills we have the more work we get. This couldn’t be truer for the world of performing.

Being a career chameleon can only mean one thing: power. By adapting and learning different trades we give ourselves the power to decide our game plan. In the world of performing, it’s not enough to only call yourself ‘an actor’. Take a look at almost all of the greats – they’re also writers, producers, directors, aside from the multitude of other industry professions they choose.

The term ‘multi-hyphenate’ started in Hollywood in the 70’s and was coined after the rise in extra-triple-threats – that’s performers that sought to cover more than singing, acting and dancing.

Although it’s been relatively common here in the UK, we resisted it at first: “but what do you do?” Now, it’s a movement. People are realising that being malleable and gleaning skills from multiple trades propels them forward at a faster rate than sticking within the parameters of one job.

Here at Stage & the City we’ve been working with our own multi-hyphenate – Harrison Rose. Harrison is an award-winning actor, director, writer, producer (etc. etc) and when he pitched a brand-new course gifting people the chance to learn skills from an array of disciplines, we couldn’t resist! Harrison has been working at our London acting school, running after-work classes for adults for many years and is a firm favourite with our students!

Try Your Hand delves into the creative multi-hyphenate world and allows participants to straddle acting, writing and directing, then choosing a specialism in the final week. There really is nothing like it!

So, if you want to take acting classes for adults and harness your power and become a leader in your field, join Harrison in March and Try Your Hand!

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