Meet Shaun Blaney: Screen Acting Tutor

Anna Fiorentini 28 Aug 2019

Meet Shaun Blaney: Screen Acting Tutor

I’ve been acting professionally for twelve years. I learn on the job, working with some of the most amazing actors and directors in theatre and film. I was pretty much raised in the cinema and I love it to bits. Seeing my work up on the screen is what makes the job worth doing. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing productions like Game of Thrones and Frankenstein Chronicles, but it’s working in independent films that I find the most fun. My first ever feature film ‘Made in Belfast’ just made it on to Amazon prime!

What can we expect from the screen acting course?

Primarily fun! These classes are geared to provide you with real-life knowledge of a working professional set. You’ll have weekly opportunities to perform some of your favourite Tarantino scenes with classmates like Samuel L Jackson’s legendary ‘Ezekiel 25:17’ speech. It’s all about enjoyment. You’ll have the chance to meet people, have a laugh, perform and connect with others and maybe learn a little more about yourself in the process. I believe acting is all about play. I combine drama games and performance exercises with incredible movie scenes to give you an informative and practical acting class as well as something fun to do on a Wednesday night.

Can anyone join?

Absolutely anyone can act with the right encouragement. Everyone from all stages of experience is welcome. Whether you performed in college and want to try it again or you’re just starting out and want to know more about life on camera, there’s no upper age limit. Come with us to practice your English or your public speaking for work. Acting is for everyone. All I ask is that you be a little brave and willing to give it a try.

You will be working on Tarantino scenes with our students. Tell us why?

From his early work to present-day the guy is a master of dialogue, character and world-building. His films touch on everything from comedy and violence to tragedy, with so many wonderful slow-burning scenes of tension. His movies are cool as hell. There’s a wealth of material to play with and study and learn from. Through his scenes, we will find out more about the film making process and what goes into making a classic scene.

What’s your favourite Tarantino film?

For all the different aspects that make him great, my favourite will always be Pulp Fiction. It’s funny and disturbing, and effortlessly cool, and really quite nostalgic for me because I’ve been watching it since before I was allowed to. It’s a combination of incredible performances, an amazing soundtrack and some epic film-making all rolled into one.

To find out more about our Screen Acting course visit our course page.

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