Meet Our Fiorentini’s Got Talent Judge- Tahj Miles

Anna Fiorentini 15 Nov 2019

Meet Our Fiorentini’s Got Talent Judge- Tahj Miles

We are honoured to welcome back former Fiorentini student Tahj Miles to join us as a judge for Fiorentini’s Got Talent 2019! Since leaving the school he has stayed busy with professional work, notable mentions include performances on West End shows like ‘Matilda the Musical’ and ‘The Lion King’. Tahj joined us for a quick Q&A to give us an insight into his experiences as a performer.

When did you discover your passion for the performing arts?

I first discovered my passion for performing arts when I left the audition for Anna Fiorentini. I wasn’t really worried about if I got in or not, I just knew that I really enjoyed myself and I would do the same thing a hundred times more if you asked me to.

What has been the greatest challenge in your career so far?

The greatest challenge in my career so far I think is still facing rejection, which I am used to but the longer you train and prepare yourself to reach your goals and the closer you get to reaching them, the harder it is to accept rejection. There have been many moments in the last year where I have been extremely close to booking a role that would change my life, and when it doesn’t go your way it hurts. But I just keep believing in myself and reminding myself that my time will come.

Who is your biggest inspiration as a performer?

My biggest inspiration is always my family. Everything I do, I do for them.

Have you got any projects you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

I’ve recently filmed a BBC series directed by Steve Mcqueen called Small Axe that also stars John Boyega, Leticia Wright, Malachi Kirby and many more well known black British actors. I’m also producing my own projects that I post on Youtube channel ‘Dinero Visuals’.

Can you give any advice to our contestants before Fiorentini’s Got Talent 2019?

To all the contestants taking part in this years competition, my advice to you is to make sure that you are proud of what you are showcasing on that stage before you step onto to it. Don’t worry about what people will think or say about you or how many people there are watching. If you are happy and confident in your own ability then you will perform at your best and the audience will remember you when they leave tonight. Good luck!

Fiorentini’s Got Talent 2019 is taking place this Saturday the 16th of November! Make sure you book your tickets in advance as there will be none for sale on the door. Click here to book.

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