Post-lockdown fatigue: Let’s Lose Lockdown Lethargy!

Anna Fiorentini 28 Jun 2021

Post-lockdown fatigue: Let’s Lose Lockdown Lethargy!

Here we are; we’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. My diary is getting busier; I’ve already forgotten my Netflix password, and there is no longer a me-sized dent in my sofa cushions. And yet, I find myself struggling to make my way through the day without feeling overwhelmed or a bit nervous about plans. As we step back into normality, many of us may be wrestling with post-lockdown fatigue.

You may be thinking, but all I have done is bake banana bread and engage in the odd social Zoom gathering. How can I be tired and nervous? While it may have been easy to juggle a busy schedule before the pandemic, our brains have become used to being confined. Now that we are dusting off the old social muscles again, you’ll be using different areas of your brain. Our levels of concentration have narrowed, and our reaction skills may have gotten a little rusty.

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So after sitting in front of screens for so many hours, it’s only natural to feel exhausted and anxious when it comes to engaging with people in real life. But here are our tips to conquer post-lockdown fatigue:

Keep on moving

Whether you’re one of those people who took up a new fitness regime in lockdown or the only activity you were doing was walking from your bed to your home office, it’s important to keep moving. Movement helps us maintain stable energy levels, which we need now that we’re spending more time out and about. Our tolerance for physical activities may have decreased through inactivity, so it’s about building those levels up again over time.

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to exercise, why not try one of our weekly evening dance classes? Courses like our Tap Dancing for Beginners are sure to get your heart pumping and your feet moving! All our classes take place in a COVID-secure and fully risk-assessed environment that adheres to current government guidelines.

Stick to self care

Just because lockdown is easing doesn’t mean we should forget about setting aside a little’me time’. Even if COVID-19 hasn’t directly affected you, the pandemic has been a huge mental challenge. It’s completely understandable to experience a mixture of emotions right now. Allowing your brain to recharge and reset by focusing on giving yourself a moment to relax is important going forward.

Don’t do too much too soon

Going back to normality should be gradual. Many of us have gotten used to a new way of life over the past year. It can be overwhelming to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone into spaces you’ve not been in for a long time. If you’re anxious, the best way to approach it is to take one small step at a time. Make sure to evaluate and adjust your comfort levels after each event or action. Plan to meet one friend outside for a coffee. Then, if you feel more confident, plan to make it two friends the next time. Remember, you’re not alone; many of us will be struggling with fatigue or anxiety.

If you feel you are ready to take on bigger social challenges but need a little help with strengthening your confidence skills, then we have a class for you. Our Acting for Confidence course will help you build techniques to tackle even the most fraught situations.

Plan ahead

Many people may be grateful that the pandemic offered them an excuse to reject invitations due to anxiety. But as we start to make new plans, make sure you are thinking about how to manage your activities to help ease your concerns. For example, if you’re anxious about a place being busy, call ahead to see if you can find out when the quietest time to visit is. This problem-solving approach will help you ease back into situations. You can also try to think about activities that have become important to you over the past year. This way, you’ll look forward to your plans, and you’ll fit them into your existing schedule without over-exerting yourself.

We’ve got some exciting plans ahead at Stage & the City with the Acting Company, Ensemble Company, and Musical Theatre Troupe performing live shows for an audience. So if you’ve missed live theatre and want to have an entertaining night in a COVID-secure environment, book your tickets now by clicking here.

We hope these tips can help you lose that lockdown lethargy and try to pick up where you left off!

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