The Importance of Playing in Adulthood

Anna Fiorentini 5 Apr 2022

The Importance of Playing in Adulthood

We’ve all been there – finding yourself feeling joy and happiness seeing a child laughing and having fun whilst playing. But perhaps we’ve all felt something else? A pang of jealousy for the ease in which children can enjoy themselves through creativity and play without the stresses and responsibilities of adulthood.

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Whilst we may all be yearning for that simpler time, many of us are missing out on the importance of playing in adulthood. As children we are encouraged to discover the world through play. It can nurture critical thinking and personality development. But why should that stop as we get older? Creative play is often side-lined for other pursuits such as careers or relationships. But what if creative play could enhance these pursuits?

Engaging with your imagination and creativity can be therapeutic and can help expand our minds. It can be critical in offsetting the stresses of an adult’s busy life. Play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and stimulate creativity. This can be through signing up to a performing arts class, taking up a new hobby that you’ve been putting off for a long time, or even organising a fun games night! The happier we are, the more productive we are in life.

There really is no age limit on creativity, fun and imagination. So let’s try to find the time to play and connect through art and creativity. And with our singing, acting, musical theatre and dance courses taking place in the evenings after the working day, there really is no excuse not to find some time!

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