How to Prepare For an Acting Audition

Anna Fiorentini 8 Jun 2018

How to Prepare For an Acting Audition

So your agent has recently called and they have some great news… you’ve been invited to an audition! For some of you, this could be your first ever audition, or it could be your 10th audition of the year. Regardless of how many times you’ve had to perform in front of a group of total strangers to try and land a role, you’re bound to be a little nervous. Even the most confident actors still get nervous, it’s perfectly normal.

When you go for an audition, you’ll be judged on more than just your performance. Casting directors want to young people who are professional, organised and well-prepared.

Here’s a checklist of things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful acting audition:

  • Dress in something comfortable and appropriate.
  • Always have a copy of your script or monologue and read your lines like your life depends on it. We recommend using a highlighter, this will help you find your lines easily.
  • Always have a pen for when you need to make notes.
  • Drink water, stay hydrated! We can’t stress how important this is.
  • Healthy snacks are a must. If you want to have a great audition that’s full of energy, you need to fuel your body.
  • Bring your phone in case you need to record yourself, add contacts, or contact your guardian/chaperone.
  • Do warm-ups. They’ll get you physically and vocally prepared, and help you stay focused.

When you’re in the audition room, always be polite and friendly to the casting directors. Let your personality shine through, but don’t force it. They can spot when someone is trying too hard. Also, it’s important to be able to take direction, the more adaptable you can be the better. Most importantly, be you! Of course being a great performer and behaving professionally is a winning factor, but having a great personality is also important!

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