Get To Know Our FGT Judge, Casting Director Emma Sylvester

Anna Fiorentini 22 Nov 2017

Get To Know Our FGT Judge, Casting Director Emma Sylvester

On Saturday we held our 2017 Fiorentini’s Got Talent show and it was a huge success! Our contestants all put on spectacular performances, which made choosing our 3 winners extremely challenging for our 7 judges. The judges all gave so much positive feedback, which really gave our students a well-deserved confidence boost!

Our judge, casting director Emma Sylvester, quoted “The Anna Fiorentini students are our stars of tomorrow, performing with integrity, honesty and confidence. A joy to witness and food for thought for my future casting projects.” In this blog, we talk to her to find out more about her job and what she enjoyed most about the show.

1. Can you explain to us what exactly your job involves?

My job is to find the right performers for film and television projects based on a director’s brief and script. It is my job to be up to date with current actors both in film and television (and my most favorite part- to find the future stars of tomorrow!)

2. How did you hear about our school?

When I began casting short film ‘The Snow Maze’ – a very good friend told me to get in touch. From then to now I will always have Anna Fiorentini students at the forefront of my mind when I begin my casting process.

3. Did you enjoy being a judge at Fiorentini’s Got Talent?

I LOVED being a judge. As I mentioned on the night everyone demonstrated tremendous bravery in getting up there performing to so many of us! What I loved was how different each piece was, everyone played to their strengths as a performer and it was lovely to be on that panel celebrating the performers with their friends and family. I laughed, I cried, and their talent was jaw droppingly good! The contestants would not feel out of place on a west end stage or tv/cinema screen.

4. What was your favorite part of the show?

I hate picking people out but Xirone’s performance was incredible. That boy is going to go far.

5. If you had to give any advice to our students, what would it be?

I think my advice would be to stay true to yourselves, love your art and celebrate your passion. Don’t try to be something you’re not, don’t take not getting a part personally. Keep going and remember we always learn something new every day (even when you are as old as me!)

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