Fundraising Ideas

Anna Fiorentini 1 Aug 2016

Fundraising Ideas

We are raising £30,000 to celebrate 15 years of achievements, opportunities, and aspirations that the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School has provided to hundreds of children. This target will help us support a further 100 young people per term over the next 3 years. Beneficiaries will be from low-income families, enabling them to access the very best in performing arts education.

Since the Fiorentini Foundation was launched in 2011, we have been able to support over 300 students who otherwise would have been unable to access our opportunities. As an extremely small charity without a PR budget, we can only rely on support from those who know about us. Therefore, we are asking all parents, students, extended families, and friends to come on board and help us raise this £30,000.

No amount raised will be too small. Inside this pack, you will find a range of fun ideas on how you could help. If you do decide to come and board and support us, please email and let us know what you are planning to do and if there is any way we can help you. We can help you set up your own online donations page linked to our event, which allows us to claim Gift Aid, or you can collect your donations offline and use our existing link to transfer the funds you raise.

I thank you all in advance for your support and wish you tonnes of fun along this exciting journey.

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