Five Feel-Good Creative Activities for Kids

Anna Fiorentini 7 May 2021

Five Feel-Good Creative Activities for Kids

The last year has had a dramatic impact on people’s well-being and mental health, specifically children and young people. It is important to remember that kids need time to recharge mentally and physically, especially as they get older with school and work responsibilities. One of the ways to do this is by engaging in a feel-good creative activity to lift their mood. It can help kids learn to take a break while learning valuable tools to process any challenges they may face.

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Here are a few ideas for activities you can do with friends or family:

Have a dance party

One of the most important aspects of self-care is looking after your physical health. Coming up with fun ways to exercise, like hosting a dance party in the living room, will lift your spirits while keeping you active. Perhaps you can plan a ‘dance-off’ to see who has the best moves? Make a playlist together, decorate the room with groovy lights, and put on your dancing shoes!

Present your own cooking show

Turn your kitchen into a studio and practice your creativity by trying different recipes. By ‘presenting’ your cooking show, you will learn to express yourself and enjoy your creations. You will acquire new skills and learn how to contribute to the household in a positive, fun way. Maybe you can task each person with a different aspect of cooking—desserts, mains, or appetisers?

Dress up and re-enact your favourite film moments

Use your imagination to stage a favourite scene from a movie. Why not take a picture of each other acting out the scene and send it to friends or family to help them guess what the film is? This will provide a fun space that encourages conversation, team-building, and creative expression.

Host a comedy night

Grab your hairbrush as a make-do microphone, and see who can work the crowd with their best jokes. You could even spend some time before the performance researching and finding the funniest jokes for your setlist. It is sure to be an entertaining and engaging way to build your self-esteem.

Create a routine ‘chill’ time

A healthy routine can be beneficial to your wellbeing and offer a sense of security and stability. You could set aside time each day where you step away from screens and devices for an hour and instead focus on activities like reading, drawing, or writing. You could even sit down together to write down top moments from your day to place in a ‘feel-good’ memory jar. These calmer activities, away from the distraction of the screen, can help you refresh and recharge.


We strongly believe that participating in the performing arts and creative activities can greatly improve your child’s mental health. We offer a range of weekend and after-school classes where feel-good activities are encouraged. Click here to find out more. Our new term starts in September, and if you join now, you’ll get the chance to take part in our spectacular anniversary showcases early next year!

We will be hosting a Taster Day for each branch to allow prospective students to get a feel for the school. There will be no obligation to join the school if your child does not enjoy it. It’s a great way to experience for yourself whether the school is for you before joining. We still have spaces at our schools, but these are limited, so make sure you sign up ASAP to secure your place. Email us at for more information.
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