Don’t Give Up Your day Job: Cherise, Perfume Specialist

Anna Fiorentini 2 Feb 2018

Don’t Give Up Your day Job: Cherise, Perfume Specialist

Welcome to Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, a blog series where we will be asking our Stage & the City students a series of questions to find out more about their jobs. People often think that to attend one of the courses, they need to have a performing arts background or have an arts-related job, but that’s far from true. We want to show you that people from all walks of life can still enjoy the arts, it doesn’t matter if you work as a police officer or a marketing manager!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your day job: what is your position? 

My name is Cherise, and I’m a perfume specialist working in retail.

How long have you worked in that industry?

I’ve been working in the fragrance industry for 10 years and really enjoy it.

What made you want to choose that career?

I never intended to make it a career, as it was something I took up part-time while I went out to audition after graduating from performing arts school. I am now a Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist, and my achievements through sales have resulted in trips to New York and, most recently, Paris to visit the house of Guerlain.

What made you decide to sign up to a course with us?

I was given the course as a birthday gift from my work colleagues in 2015 and enjoyed the atmosphere in the class so much that I have been coming back ever since!

How long have you been a student and what do you love most about the course?

I’ve been a student since the summer of 2015. I’ve really enjoyed competing in various competitions, taking part in the showcases, and also taking part in the odd flashmob at different events.

In what way(s) has the Dance Company course benefited you? Has it improved your performance in the workplace?

My confidence has grown so much since coming to Stage and the City.

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