Dealing with Grief through Performance

Anna Fiorentini 22 Nov 2018

Dealing with Grief through Performance

Losing a loved one is probably one of the toughest experiences a person can go through, and facing such a tragedy is a particularly difficult thing to do. Grief Encounter is a fantastic charity that works with children and young people to support them whilst suffering a loss. Their statistics state that every 22 minutes a child in the UK experiences the death of a parent or sibling, equating to an astonishing 1 child in every classroom bereaved before they reach 16 years old.

Last week was Children’s Grief Awareness Week, and AF student Cyna had the opportunity to sing with Katherine Jenkins OBE. Katherine is a patron for Grief Encounter, and Cyna joined the Grief Encounter Children’s Choir in September. Cyna is a new student to the Anna Fiorentini School, and joined us through our Henry Cumming Fund. Katherine and the Children’s Choir sang a beautiful rendition of “Jealous of the Angels”, which you can watch here.

Grief Encounter aim to provide a therapeutic and creative outlet for children through their choir, sharing a similar ethos with the Anna Fiorentini School. Cyna really enjoyed meeting and singing with Katherine. She said of the experience, ““I love singing, and this song helped me feel better inside; without having to talk or write down what I was feeling.”

We are so proud of Cyna for taking part in this wonderful experience. We are also loving having her as part of our Anna Fiorentini Family!

For more on Grief Encounter, please visit their website:

If you would like to apply to the Anna Fiorentini School via the Henry Cumming Fund, please complete this application form by clicking here.

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