Dance Away your Stress!

Anna Fiorentini 2 Nov 2021

Dance Away your Stress!

As Judy Garland sings – ‘Forget your troubles, c’mon get happy’. Well that’s easier sung than done! It’s safe to say we all deal with significant amounts of stress in our daily lives, perhaps made even worse by the pandemic. It may be difficult to completely eradicate this stress, but there are a lot of great natural ways for us to try to cope with stress. And one of those is dance.

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Dance is a proven stress-reducer and here are our reasons why:

It’s a fun form of exercise

As you dance, not only will you be having fun and learning new skills, you’ll be getting a cardiovascular workout. You’ll be improving your core strength, flexibility and stamina. Of course, knowing you are in good physical health can help relieve stress but as you exercise, your body will also release endorphins. These chemicals are produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. So it’s a scientific fact that dance can relieve stress!

It offers a creative outlet

You may be feeling stifled by your work environment, which can lead to unwanted stress. Dancing offers an outlet for people to express who they are through music, movement or even costumes! The music used during a dance can allow you to lose yourself – dance out your anger or emotion through an upbeat song, or feel calm and relaxed as you move to a slow number. As you focus on feeling through the dance, you give your body and mind the freedom to let go of stress and create a greater sense of self.

It’s a great distraction

Studies have suggested that dance can help stimulate brain function. Coordinating movements with sound and memorising choreography keeps your mind stimulated. It can distract you from your daily life and all the stress that comes with it. Dancing involves using both your body and mind, not leaving much room to even have space to think about the stresses of the day.

Introduces you to a new social circle

If you join a dance class, you get the chance to meet a group of like-minded people who share your love of dance. Attending a dance class at Stage & the City is like spending time with friends. Our classes bring a diverse range of people together in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment. By dancing in a group of new-found friends, you can feel like you are taking a break from your regular life and daily stresses.


And that’s why we think dance is an effective way to reduce anxiety and stress. And the most important thing about dance is that it is for everyone, no matter your age or ability. Whether you want to dance for fun or for exercise, it can make you feel good and forget about your troubles!


Although term has already begun, we have a range of dance courses for you to join and take part in. We also have elite dance companies for those who already have some dance experience. Click here to find out more.
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