Fiorentini Weenies teams up with children’s author, Ras Barker for his brand-new book, Coral and the Glis Glis

Anna Fiorentini 17 Dec 2020

Coral and the Glis Glis

We are so delighted to partner with children’s author, Ras Barker on his brand-new children’s book, Coral and the Glis Glis.

Fiorentini Weenies are classes for 4- to 6-year-olds; they introduce early-year students to the fun and excitement of the performing arts. Our young students explore new skills, make new friends, and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

Ras Barker’s gorgeously vibrant book follows Coral as she must move to the countryside when her daddy gets a new job. Along with Sarah Shore’s warm and colourful illustrations, the story of a child needing to brave a new environment comes alive.

Fiorentini Weenies will be exploring this story through acting, singing, and dancing in the new term, beginning in April 2021. Our lucky students will receive a very special goodie bag at the end of the term. Who knows, considering Coral is based on the author’s real-life daughter, maybe our students will get to meet the real-life Coral. Watch this space…!

Fiorentini Weenies, which is part of Anna Fiorentini Performing Arts School, is always seeking to go above and beyond for its students, and this new collaboration will do just that. Using the visual aid of the book, the young students will boost their confidence and bring the magic of the book alive with their imaginations through the world of performing arts.

Coral and the Glis Glis beautifully serve up educational lessons on how young children can cope with feelings of displacement, how to feel secure in a new environment, and the wonder of change.

Anna Fiorentini, Principal of Anna Fiorentini Performing Arts School said:

“I am so happy to be partnering with my good friend, esteemed actor and brilliant children’s author, Ras Barker. As soon as I saw his new book Coral and the Glis Glis I fell in love. The themes of starting anew, unlikely friendship and being courageous are vital, now more than ever and I know our young students at Fiorentini Weenies will gain so much from using it as their stimulus.” 

Fiorentini Weenies have branches across London and there are a very few places left for April 2021. If you are interested in hearing more or enrolling your child, please visit:

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