Choreographer Mark Short Discusses New Diva Dance Classes

Anna Fiorentini 15 Jun 2017

Choreographer Mark Short Discusses New Diva Dance Classes

As a choreographer/dancer, I love passing on my passion for dance to my students and allowing them to learn in a fun and friendly environment. Our brand new Diva dance class is going to be no different!

When you think of Diva you think of heels, strutting and a total diva attitude. I thought about creating a new style of dance for people that want to try Commercial Dance as well as Diva Dance, so I fused the 2 styles together creating Commercial Diva.

You’ll learn the technique of how to use the music, how to move to the music, how to turn, isolate your body and generally push your body into basic dance moves that are essential for any dance style.  On top of this, we’ll add the strutting and sensual but power enhancing moves that make Diva Dance what it is!

Think Beyonce, think Britney and you’re almost there. In fact, most music videos today are diva based styles but all have the additional commercial feel. Funky but slick, sexy but cool, and of course helping to get rid of those inhibitions on the dance floor whilst learning the basics and essentials.

I’m so excited to start teaching this course. I’m ready to strut my stuff and get sassy, I hope you are too! If you’d like to find out more about our Diva Dance class click here.

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